Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The Letter Game

Every morning Dania and I have been playing the alphabet game, usually during the time I’m awake but still contemplating whether or not to get up or check out my big book of “Reasons To Give Your Boss When You Don’t Feel Like Going To Work”.

This is how we play it. I would select a letter and tell her to state something that starts with that particular letter. She would mention something and I would either give her a kiss or a tickle, depending on whether her answer is right or wrong.

“OK, kaklong, give me something that starts with the letter C.”

“CAT!” (always shouted coz it’s more fun that way)

“Yeah..kiss, kiss.”

Sometimes she would come up with bombastic words that I never knew when I was four.

“OK, what about the letter J?"


"What about L?"



"TUMBLE TOTS!!" Hahahaha....

Sometimes I would make it a bit harder, like state an animal that starts with a particular letter.

“State an animal that starts with the letter D?”

“Hmm, DONKEY!!”

“What about B?”



I guess Barney is an animal. Dinosaurs were, right?


kaklong said...


hahaha..bijak dania bijak..tak kisahlah tu, asalkan dia tau huruf D tu.

wah, peminat "24" ya...saya kalau tgk citer mcm ni mmg minat, paling best tgk gaya depa pegang pistol or seangkatan dngnnya, ada style..

sity29 said...

pandainya die!!!!
bestnya tgk progress anak along :)

lieawulf said...

Hmm...barney, ye kot :D

I used to think Transformers are humans in some sort of 'changeable' armour suit :P

ajab booboo said...

Barney is my friend! I love Barney!! But I don't think he's an animal or a dinosaur. How can an animal or dinosaur magically come to life from a stuffed animal to a real life thing in the blink of an eye? Maybe he has superpowers. A purple superhero! Yay!! :D

Along said...

Kaklong: Itulah, sekarang ni main bantai je sebut apa2, asalkan betul huruf tu. Hehehe..

Sity: Terima kasih, ni somo atas usaha ibu dia yer..hehehe.

LW: Oh my god, I used to love transformers. I used to think (hope) that the Thundercats were real too. A school trip to the zoo quickly killed that dream.

ABB: What's worse than a purple dinosaur with an irritatingly happy voice? A purple dinasaur withan irritatingly happy voice that has super powers!!!