Monday, January 22, 2007

My Anti-hero

I haven’t been able to blog for some time due to our faulty home modem. How ironic is it that the home of the Streamyx product owner does not have any internet? Bah!! Well, since I couldn’t surf the net or blog, I had to find some other activities to fill my time during the weekend.

I know some of you thought “Bedroom Activities!!” as soon as you read that last sentence. Shame on you, is that all you can think of? Anyhow, yeah, after an hour or so of “bedroom activities”, I still had loads of time to burn. So I turned to the idiot box.

But Astro is so boring during the weekends. Reruns, reruns and more reruns. I had already watched the two audition episodes of American Idol (I know, it’s like a train wreck, I can’t take my eyes off it) and I had all my CSI/Grey’s Anatomy/House episodes up-to-date. Luckily hubby had borrowed the entire Season 4 of “24” from a colleague.

I used to be addicted to “24”. Used to be, that was until I discovered it gave me severe chest aches from all the high drama and tension. I used to have several mini heart attacks during each episode. Even though you know that Jack Bauer would always work it out in the end, the thing with “24” is, no one is truly safe. Not even Jack Bauer.

"Sigh...So cool"

So hubby and I spent the entire weekend watching a marathon of “24”. Several times I had to walk away from the TV to catch my breath coz the bad guy had gotten away again or CTU had just found out that a senator’s son was involved with the terrorists or Jack had started one of his intense interrogation sessions or he was being interrogated himself. I tell you the drama is non-stop!! My heart just couldn’t take it.

To calm myself down, I started a game with myself; kiss hubby every time Jack said the following phrases:

We’re running out of time!
Tell me what I need to know!!
You’re going to have to trust me.
I’m sorry.

As it turned out, Jack says those phrases quite a lot so game quickly took an erotic turn. Haha, hubby threatened to tie my hands and do his own “interrogation session” if I didn’t leave him alone to be in his “24” fantasy world.

Hubby kept commenting throughout the show. You could just tell how in love he was with Jack Bauer. He wanted to be with Jack Bauer or even better, BE Jack Bauer. There was one point hubby even admitted he wouldn’t mind sleeping with Jack Bauer. THAT’S how cool Jack Bauer is!

The thing about Jack is that he’s not a hero. In fact he would probably stare you down or whack your head with his gun if you told him that he was a hero. He’s more of the anti-hero; he doesn’t do what he does to get a medal or recognition or lunch invites to the White House. He does it because he loves his country, without question, without shame. And because it probably gives him a real high risking his life, shooting down terrorists. Yeah, everyone needs a hobby to keep them happy.
"My name is Jack Bauer. And I have a gun."

A cool trick I learned to really enjoy “24” is to suspend all thoughts of reality. Coz things can get pretty unreal, most of the time. Like the type of internet connectivity CTU has; it’s amazing how fast they can upload and download images and voice recordings from anywhere in the world. It's like...THAT!! Plus their mobile provider most provide some kick-ass service coz even in the sewers of LA, you can be sure that Jack Bauer is never truly cut off from the world.

If I was the director, I could have summarized the whole show in a couple of episodes or so. The trick is to ALWAYS LISTEN TO JACK BAUER. However to drag out the season into “24” episodes, they place either a skeptical CTU director or an indecisive President, always making trouble for Jack when he least needs it. Thank god for friends like Chloe (I love her!!), Tony Almeida and Michelle.

I read somewhere that they are selling Jack Bauer action figures, though I’m not sure where. If that’s so, I guess I know what I’ll be getting for hubby for his birthday this year.


moby said...

I used to follow 24 too. Then I missed a few episodes and I gave up. Same thing with Lost and Prison Break. Bummer .... I think I've been blogging too much and not watching TV enough. :D

hazel said...

yes, yes, buy one for him.. so you can fulfill his wish to sleep with Jack :P mak is so into SuperNatural now.. dulu2, kuar kat Astro, macam malas nak layan.. dah kuar kat TV3 baru nak tergedik2..

Along said...

Moby: I'm a fanatic Lost fan too. can't wait for Season 3, though I was a bit dissapointed with Season 2. Prison Break tak ikut..banyak sangat nooo.
Come back to 24!! You won't regret it.

Hazel: Yelah kan..bleh tido ngan Jack Bauer action figure..hahaha. Supernatural pun ikut gak (yek ene, macam potato coach dah le) sebab suka tengok si abg tu, Dean. *swoon*

sity29 said...

ooohhh sexy !!!