Friday, February 02, 2007

Eye On Malaysia

Yesterday was a holiday; Thaipusam for Selangor and Federal Territory day for those in KL. Because of the fact that everyone was on holiday, hubby and I were hesitant to take the kids anywhere, the thought of sitting in traffic jams or spending hours looking for a parking space just turned us off. We thought of going to Putrajaya to see the floral parade but it seemed the parade had ended earlier in the week.

So instead, we decided to take our chances and see the Eye on Malaysia.

The Eye on Malaysia, the largest portable ‘observation wheel’ in the world, was unveiled by the Hon. Prime Minister of Malaysia on 6 January 2007 in conjunction with the grand launch of the Visit Malaysia Year 2007 celebration. This giant Ferris wheel allows visitors to experience a 360-degree panoramic view of Kuala Lumpur during a 12-minute ride that goes 60 meters high. It offers a magnificent view of Kuala Lumpur and over 20 kilometers of its surroundings including KL Tower, Istana Budaya and Petronas Twin Towers. Tickets are available at the sales counter in the Titiwangsa Lake Gardens. It costs RM15 for adults and RM8 for children aged 3 to 12 and senior citizens. The operating hours for the Ferris wheel are from 10am to 10pm daily.
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Heading into KL was a risk so we decided to just head out after asar and probably take a late dinner somewhere. Surprisingly, the drive to Titiwangsa was jam free. We had some trouble searching for a parking space but the line to buy the tickets for the ride was unexpectedly short. We only had to wait ½ hour or so. Very nice.

The gondolas were nice and spacious. Since there were only four of us, we had to share the gondola with another party of three, which was ok coz we all had a nice chit chat and they helped take a picture of our whole family. The other party was a group of college students from Kota Bahru who were on a student trip. We exchanged pleasantries and took loads of pictures. Our timing was just nice because we also got to see the nice sunset over the KL horizon.

After the ride, we detoured at the Keramat mosque for maghrib, then headed to Ampang Park for dinner. It had been a while since hubby and I had ate at the Cozy Corner (the last time, I was pregnant with Dania, I think). Glad to report the food is still delicious (and cheap, compared to other places) and we all had a satisfying meal.

How would I rate the Eye On Malaysia? Given the ticket rates, they did seem rather steep at first but after the ride, it was worth it. The nice weather and the short ticket line made a difference. So yes, I would suggest for everyone that gets a chance to go and ride the Eye On Malaysia.

Happy weekend everyone.


Syikin said...


sib baik tak panjang queue..kalau tak, sian kat anak2 along berdiri lama

kami tak kemana2 pun smlm, malas nak meredah sesak2 tu, naknya area batu caves tu faham2 ajelah sesaknya camner