Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Alone For The Week

Hubby is in Spain. Until Sunday. Which totally sucks coz I so do not like sleeping alone. Plus I have to drive myself to and from work, and although its only a 20 minute drive each way, I usually use the ride home as a chance to catch a few winks before I have to face my two tornado-like kids at home. Which I can’t do now since I have to keep my eyes open on the road now. OK, at least one of them.

I have nothing else to report. This must be my most boring post yet. I have the urge but no energy to blog about Ugly Betty (which was awesome yesterday). Oya, talking about TV, they finally released the names of the teams who will be competing in the Amazing Race: All Stars edition. I’m very disappointed they didn’t invite Jon and Kris from Season 6. I loved those two. Colin and Christie (from Season 5) would have been great too, just because they are so emotional and would provide much entertainment with their bickering. Or that Virgin Couple, Millie and Chuck. I bet they’ve broken up by now and Chuck is getting laid every single day. A different gal for different days in the week. You know, to make up for lost time. Ouch, yeah…a bit cruel. But you’ve got to give credit to the guy; 12 years dating (at the time) and still a virgin. Un-freaking-believable.

Gotta go. Prayer time. Sakit perut ah makan limau bebanyak.


Joe said...

kinda like you isn't it? 6-8 years, no action heheh..

apsal tak ikut pi espana?

Along said...

Joe: Yeah, but hubby and I are "making up for lost time", if you know what I mean. Hahahahaha...
Takleh ikut pi Espana, hubby punya rombongan ada CEO aku sekali, ngan AGM-AGM somo pi..isy...lagipun, hubby kena share bilik..takkan nak soh roomate dia tido tegak dalam almari kot? Ahaks..

dillazag said...

Suruh dia tido dalam bath tub pun OK gak..
How long in Spain? It's OK though babe..
Sunday is just 3 days away..

Hang in there!

FormerPeminat said...

takyah la suruh tido dalam almari, selubung selimut je.

waa sekarang dia join geng2 senior management pi outstation?

Along said...

Dillazaq: Itulah, bath tub pun ok gak, bleh lunjur kaki. Hahahha...
Yeah, counting down the days until hubby gets back. RINDUNYA!!!!

FP: Former peminat? WTH?! Oklah, whatever...jangan tak tau laki aku sekarang, bakap takeover teh company. Hehehehe...

formerpuffbuddy said...

why, can't use formerperminat ka? hahaha..

ok la, after laki kau takeover, ko boleh quit. eh. no wonder le, that badak biru mascot looks sooo familiar :D