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Thursday, February 15, 2007

I'm Not OK

Can life get any worse? I just received news that a certain someone is going to sit beside me at work. It does not help that fact I do not like this person and I’m pretty sure this certain person does not like me. So far, we’ve co-existed only because interaction has been at a minimum and at a have-to-do case basis.

Why, oh why, does this certain person want to sit beside me? Granted, the space is much bigger than the current space “the person” is occupying. But for the love of God, this is seriously jeopardizing my morale at work. And just when I was trying…seriously trying, to get back into the spirit, something like this happens.

No one thinks I’m serious when I tell them I can’t stand that person. I’m sorry, maybe it’s mighty childish of me but to tell you the truth, my job sucks enough already. If I have to see that person’s face everyday at work, I might as well quit.

People are saying, just ignore the person, maybe you’ll get along, give the person a chance. When I asked back, would YOU want that person to sit beside you, somo taknak plak. Tau pun.

Actually, that person may not turn out to be that bad. Who am I kidding? No, I’m doing that “trying to convince myself, it’s going to be ok” thing. I’m not going to be ok.

I’m not going to be OK.

Sigh….I wish hubby was here.


formerpuffbuddy said...

don't you get any say or something sebab ko kan dah kira senior gak kat situ?

aku, haram tak mintak permission bos terus masuk the room left by a former colleague.

Along said...

FPB: Dude, seriously, ur nicks are killing me.
Can't say muchlah, common place what. Bukan company bapak aku yg punya. Lagipun, I'm just an insect on the windscreen, sekali libas wiper, terus ilang. Betapa insignificantnya.

mommy said...

sapa lah agaknya along ek? If i'm still there boleh gak jenguk2 nk tengok sapa duk sebelah along. ni dah jauh dok wondering je la... sapalah yang glamer gila sampai along dedicate a post to this person... heheh..


Along said...

Oh my god, I am a horrible person but I so do not care right now.

Mommy: Takleh sebutlah nama, not fair to that person. The fact I'am dedicating this post to that person is bad enough. But I'm soooo depressed. Uwaaaa...

moby said...

I had the same experience sitting with next to people whom I don't like. There was one particular one who liked to scratch his/her body in places not meant to be scratched in public.

I called him/her "GORILLA".

He/she quit a few months ago. Phewww!!

dillazag said...


Mintak la transfer.. heh heh heh

Along said...

Moby: I could learn to live with Gorillas. I could learn to live with a lot of things. But this, is like the last straw. Plus, I don't seeing this person leave the company in the near future.

Dillazaq: Asking for a transfer sounds easier than done. I've reqested for one for the past 2 years. Nada!!

happy2gether said...

hi along...wonder who's that fella is...heheh..emm good luck to u then...hopefully she/he's not bad as you think..ehheheh, bout the fairy stuff, i tak sewa pun, baju biasa yg ada, tiara-wand-butterfly u can buy at the rm5 shop-Hinode, sunway, tesco also got i think...the fairy wing is also murah...n yr princesses can tukar2 pakai...

dillazag said...

Along --> I just transferred la babe..
BTW, it's dillazaG, not Q la babeh..

homemaker said...

sabar aje le maklong! like u said, "bukan company bapak aku yg punya." :)

Kaklong said...


simpati ngan along.

tp harapnya along boleh bertahan..

tash said...

it ain't gonna be easy as i have a backstabber sitting next to me it's not easy but again, it is up to us to pyscho ourselves on how easy it can can be very sucky sometimes.

lieawulf said...

hi along, hope you're a lot better today :)

recently my college hired a new lecturer...and that lucky person is somebody that I knew from university. i had some rather bad experience with her, because she seemed to ignore me even when i sat next to her and tried to initiate a conversation.dunno la wats her prob.. tapi at the workplace kan, im her first i was agak berlagak to her and i tend to ignore her (well, of course she didnt even try to be friendly with me)...tapi after a week or two, i started feeling rather kesian towards her...this is her first job and it must be scary to be 'alone' at an unfamiliar conscience asked me to smile at her!! I HAD TO, I JUST HAD TO...but still, she remains that not-so-friendly person, tapi not as teruk as in Uni lah...haiya dunno la whats her issue...

so moral of the story - if you don't like that person who's going to sit beside you, you need not to try to like him/her hahahahaha! tepuk dada tanya your conscience lah ;)

all the best along!!

lieawulf said...

yes2, there's no actual moral in the story ought to do what you feel like doing ;)

lieawulf is becoming even more senget due to her stressful workload, and her mounting assignments (duh...i just hate lit theory class!!)

have a good week along!