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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Ugly Betty

What's the best soap drama ever? Knots Landing? Dallas? Bold and The Beautiful? Desperate Housewives?

For me, it's Ugly Betty.

Granted, I only saw the premier episode tonight but I have a feeling, this is one TV show I am not ever going to miss. Plus, I’m going to watch all the reruns too.

Ugly Betty is based on the ultra popular Spanish TV drama, “Yo Soy Betty La Fea”. I remember when I first got hooked on that drama series; I had just given birth to Dania and was on maternity leave for 2 months. What better way to spend my time than to be entertained by Betty and her hilarious co-workers and family members. The drama series didn’t end when I had to get back to work so I missed quite a few episodes towards the end. However, I did get to see the finale; when Betty got “unugly” and married her boss, Daniel.

Opps, spoiler? Maybe not. From what I saw tonight, the American version of Betty has some changes to the scripts. There are a few characters that were not in the Spanish version, but kind of work in the American one. Some are a bit of a stereotype (like Marc, Wilhelmina’s assistant) but they’re made to be funny so it works too.

However, I must say, the entire show wouldn’t have worked if it were not for the main character, Betty, played fabulously by America Ferrera. Despite the high-tension and backstabbing atmosphere (which is what one can expect in High Fashion), Betty brings a sense of realism and comfort to the set, with her big, shiny smile (thanks to braces, really shiny) and humble yet confident demure.
Believe me, this is one guilty pleasure one shouldn’t be ashamed off. I (heart) Ugly Betty!!


moby said...

Oooh ... I'm waiting for this too! The season hasn't started in Singapore yet. Should be fun!