Monday, February 12, 2007

Weekend Update

How as your weekend? Mine was ok, didn’t do much. My M-I-L came for a visit, so on Saturday we took her to Alamanda for lunch then went to hubby’s cousin’s house to see his new baby twins. Twins; one boy, one girl. Wow. I had so much fun holding the babies, trying to make them cry (tido je keje) that I forgot to take any pictures.

Dania and Dina weren’t interested in the babies at first (they were grumpy from not getting enough sleep in the car) but after a while they kind of warmed up. When I asked Dania, if she would like another little sister or brother, her refusal kind of surprised me. When I asked why, she just pointed to Dina and said, “I already have Dina.” Yes, and I have RM2 in my purse but I would like to have some more. When I asked Dina the same question, she cocked her head to the side and eyed the babies suspiciously. She was like, “we’re just visiting, right? Not actually taking any of these things home with us, right?”

Hmmm, not that I foresee a problem though if we were to have another baby in the house. I remember Dania’s reaction when she found out I was pregnant with Dina (not that happy) and her reaction after Dina was born (mighty protective).

On Sunday, hubby took Dania and I to Summit to see the Best Denki sale. I wanted hubby to buy a water heater seeing how ours had busted up due to a short circuit; instead hubby bought a water thermos. Yeah, close but not quite. We all had dinner at Taipan, eating sate. Yum, hilang dah kempunan.

Nothing much to report other than the weather has been extremely hot. Yikes, they say the draught is going to last until September. Die lah!!!


dillazag said...


They just need a little getting used to. My daughter pun memula tak nak baby baru.. After some time, dok visit their new cousin, teringin la pulak.. Ibu dia je tak ready lagi.. heh heh heh

Ditto on the heat thing. It's so hot, I feel like running around naked in my mom's house.. (Thank God I didn't)

zarina yg comey selalu said...

alaa..anak aku pun camtu...memula tu x nak..bila ada adik..abih pipi adiknye kene gomol

sity29 said...

kempunan? adakah anda mengidam?

Along said...

Dillazaq: Itulah, I guess if and when we have another baby, the kids will adjust.
Yeah, the naked thing, don't think your mom would appreciate that. Hahahha...maybe just confine to the bedroom instead.

Zarina (yg amat x comel): Macam Dania aku x risau, memang sifat penyayang. Dina ni, ganas sket. Hopefully penyayang jugak le kot.

Sity: Kempunan sebab dah lama giller x makan!! Takde sapa nak belanja. Yg dekat rumah along punya tu, kuah dia x sedap. Lain kali Sity belanja ok? Hehehehe...

Joe said...

kat gerai ss19 ada satay sedap. kuah pun not bad, harga pun ok.