Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Air Asia Crash? - Not Covered By The Media

Waduh! Itu mabuk kah pilot kasi crash ini macam?

Does anyone know anything about this? Why wasn't it on the news? The photos, which I received via email, look authentic enough.
Itu kapalterbang sikit lagi jatuh atas kepala saya, Manyak takut wooo...

Apparently this happened at LCCT. The plane in the background looks intact but still in pretty bad shape. Arghhh, this is scary!! I’m flying using AA this April; hubby and I are going for our #4 honeymoon in Jakarta/Bandung.
Hello, Mr. Tony!! I knowlah "Now Everyone Can Fly", but make surelah "Everyone Does Not Crash". Grrrrr......


Kaklong said...


eh..tak taupun..saya ketinggalan berita perdana ke?

tak pe, teruskan p honeymoon tu, insyaAllah tak de apa2..

Hmm..itulahkan, kalau nak jadi kemalangan, mana2 pun boleh jadi, wlwpun kita take precaution. semuanya dengan izin Allah.

er..ugly betty tv berapa along?

lieawulf said...

'tis not the first time 'things' arent/werent reported in the media :D ... tapi bagus jugak kalau keluar paper citer ni, nanti takde sapa nak gi UK bulan julai ni, so i can easily get a cheaper (perhaps) ticket hahahaha.

ninuk said...

i think this is not termed as a crash , but more of skidded ... terbabas ... terlajak ... but yeah still considered an accident kan.

Anonymous said...

wow, that's scary. where you get those pics? tried searching for news about this incident but none found.


Anonymous said...

Scroll down to the header:
7 Nov 2004 - AirAsia 737-300 over-runs runway in heavy rain

And yes, it was published in the papers that time.

Anonymous said...

wat makes u think this is in LCCT?
i think tats the old plane used by airasia .. if not mistaken,this accident happen in 2004(KK airport) when the plane skidded during landing due to heavy rain.
(this is according to comments from everywhere in every related website i found)

Anonymous said...

ok im sure these are real pics.. but some said it happened in KK not LCCT