Monday, October 02, 2006

Breaking Fast at Singgahsana Hotel

Last night we all murah rezeki. Hehehe, ayah got an invitation from one of is vendors (masa keje dulu ah) to break fast at the Singgahsana Hotel. Every year ayah would get invites for the whole family. The food at Singgahsana Hotel is very nice, so memang every year we await for this occasion. This time, everyone got to go except for Kamarul, who was staying at my Mak Ngah’s house, so Angah brought his girlfriend along instead. At first I wanted to bring Dina along too, but thinking about how the dinner usually ends late (ayah likes to go for the terawih prayers), I just brought Dania with us.

Dania had a great time; she remembered the hotel from last year. “Oh, hotel yang Kak Long dulu jumpa Adam AF tu yer?” Yeah, last year we had our share of celebrities. Rabbani was the entertaining nasyid group last year but for this year we had Mirwana and Brothers.

We arrived at the hotel at around 6.45pm. Just nice, since breaking fast was at around 7.10pm. Hubby, ayah, angah and alang went around getting food, while ibu and I just sat there at the table. We both had air wuduk for Maghrib prayers so we didn’t want to risk accidentally bumping into anyone. After breaking fast, ibu and I went to the surau for prayers first while the men proceeded with eating. The surau prepared was nice and spacious; a nice change from last year when only a small room was allocated for.

After prayers, ibu and I decided to check out the food. There was so much to choose from. Ibu, as predicted, headed for the Mee stall while I made my way o the back of the hall for some rice. Buka memang tak puas kalau tak makan nasi. There was a long line for the prawns and lamb slices so I decided to head back to the table first. Hubby was already on his 2nd plate, hahaha…tapi memang makanan dia sedap!! Dania, as always, was itching to go play with the many kids there (most of them were orphans from the Hulu Kelang Orphanage Homes), so she ate the bare minimum (one spoon of mee and 3 slices of jelly) and then asked me for permission to go play. There was no arguing with her so I let her go play. Most of the kids were sitting on the steps of the stage, listening to the nasyid groups sing and entertain the crowd. Dania quickly found an empty space on the steps and proceeded chatting with her new found friends.

The nasyid groups were very good; Dania was even selected for an impromptu interview session with one of the Brothers. Tanya adik nama sapa, berapa umur, puasa ke tidak. I was talking to a colleague of mine at the time when I heard my little girls’ voice over the sound system; Dania Jazmin, 4 tahun, TAK!!
Hahaha…the nasyid fellow asked her to recite the doa for fasting and she went hehehehe. OKlah, next year I’ll train her how to fast. At least explain to her why we have to fast, and get her to fast half-days first.

After stuffing ourselves with all sorts, we headed back to my parents’ place at about 10pm. Dina was still up but sleepy, so we headed back home immediately.

Thank you Tegas Tepat Sdn. Bhd., next year don’t forget to invite us again.