Saturday, October 14, 2006

Cookies, Letters and Numbers

Ramadhan is almost over. According to calculations, we have 1, 2, 3….10 more days to go until Raya. I promised my mom that I would make some Raya cookies this year seeing how I have a great, big, freaking oven already. I googled some simple recipes because I’m an analytical freak and I just know that if I put in 220 grams of butter instead of 200 grams, I might as well just pour in 200 grams of cement also coz the cookies just won’t be right.

My mom told me to make “only cookies that will be eaten”. I have a very vague idea of what she means but to be on the safe side, I googled up every cookie recipe that had chocolate in it. Coz everybody loves chocolate. Right now I have White Choclate Cookies, Chocolate Chip Cookies, Chocolate Cookies, Chocolate Chocolate Cookies,…and Honey Cornflakes.

As I’m searching for the recipes, I’m also teaching Dania to write her ABCs. She already knows most of the alphabets but she’s having difficulties with the S. I must admit it is a pretty hard letter to master; no straight lines, all curvy, going left to right then left again, up and down. I also have a question about W, why is it called Double U, when actually it’s a Double V?
After the alphabet, it’s on to the numbers. I never thought writing numbers would be such a tough job for a 4 year old. I see her getting frustrated on number 8, so I teach her the easy method; a circle on top of another circle.

“Oooo, like a snowman!!”

Ahhh, numbers and letters through the eyes of a 4 year old.


Syikin said...


cantiknya tulisan dia, baru 4 thn tu..tak pe along, asah aje bakat dia tu..

along, cuba masuk dan situ banyak gak resepi2 menarik..terutama biskut2lah..cubalah surf kot2 menarik hati along nak try..siap gambor besor2 lagi long..

mumsgather said...

Maybe cos the small "w" are double "u"s.

famil said...

Old English..they use uu to denote W..