Thursday, October 12, 2006

I was on The Amazing Race

I dreamt I was on the Amazing race with hubby last night. I always get weird dreams when I’m in an emotional state or feeling just really tired. Last night, I was both. Hubby and I had a slight tiff the day before and we hadn’t made up by the time I went to bed. I woke up feeling groggy and disoriented. 70% of me screamed, just f**k work and sleep in today. 30% of me, the dominant side, actually dragged myself to the bathroom to get ready for work. Now I’m here, staring at the computer, with a whole list of THINGS TO DO written down in my organizer, and in totally no mood to do any of them. As I skim down the list, I make a mental note of whether the tasks are urgent enough for me to do now, or just important that I could procrastinate and do them tomorrow; just important..just important, not that important, to be ignored…


To add to that, the freaking aircon in the office has gone crazy again, you would think it was the Antarctic here. My fingers feel like they’re going to fall off, I can hardly type. Add that to my already groggy state of mind, what kind of an environment is that to get any work done, right? Riiiighhtt…

Plus of course (I’m really into a make-all-the-excuses-kind-of-mood, aren’t I?) I’m having a very heavy flow today so there’s a certain ickiness feeling all over.

Anyway, back to the Amazing Race. Or rather my dream of being in TAR.

You know what? Forget it. I’m not in a storytelling kind of mood. What I really want to do is just lie down and take a nap. God, why am I so tired nowadays?

Oklah, let me just tell you parts of the dream I still remember. I remember the take off point being the park in front of my University back in Nashville.
I remember thinking it weird we were on the American version of TAR instead of the Asian version.
I remember one of the detours had us having to take liquor so it wasn’t really a hard choice for hubby and I to decide which detour we wanted to take.
I remember being good friends with the old couple (too bad this season doesn’t have any) and talking about our children and their grandchildren at ever pit stop we had.
I remember sending postcards to the girls back home at every country we went to.
I remember hubby and I won the race (and the million dollars!!!).
I remember when Phil asked me how I felt, I look at hubby’s face and said, “When we decided to join the race, we joined for the experience. For the chance of a lifetime to travel across the world and see different cultures. The money was just cherry on the top. We will definitely remember this experience as one of the best things that has happened in our life and we feel so much richer for being able to make such good friends along the way.”

Goodness, I couldn’t have sounded better if Jerry Bruckheimer has scripted it himself.