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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Birthday Note to Dina Yasmin – 2 Years Old

My Dearest Dina,

My, how time flies! My little one is 2 years old today. As I read back my birthday note to you last year, I realized just how much you’ve grown within a year. Not only physically, though you are much taller than your sister when she was you age, but emotionally and intellectually. Sometimes when we have a disagreement, I feel like I’m talking to 5 year old instead, what with your serious demeanor and all.
I read again the part where we almost didn’t have you in our lives and the blessed feeling overwhelms me so much that it brings tears to my eyes. What would our lives be without you? I never want to find out. You are my ray of sunshine early in the morning when you wake me up for work. The way you pat me softly on my arm and caress my cheek is such a wonderful way to start the day. You are my glass of cool water when I come home from a tiring day. When you hear the autogate being open, you immediately run to the door with shouts of joy and arms wide open, “Ibu, ibu, abah, abah!” What parent wouldn’t want to come home to such an adorable welcoming.

You are so much more independent now. I guess that helps seeing how you still can’t talk in proper sentences. Your grandma and grandpa have expressed concern for your lack of vocabulary but I know, you just want to take your time. It’s not that you can’t talk; you just don’t feel like it yet. But I know you know what people are talking about and it’s interesting to see how you’ve worked out a system to get people to understand you. If you can’t say it, show it! If you want cookies, you’ll say “ibu, meh” and pull me to the kitchen. You’ll take out your bowl and point to the cookie jar. “nak, puweess”. Many a times I just give you the cookie, as an incentive for being so resourceful.

My beloved Bubbles,

There are so many things I want to write about you here. I want to write about your love for music and about how you love to sing. You’ll sing during bath time, during lunch, during reading time, even during bedtime. Most of the time it’s Twinkle Twinkle or Rock a Bye Baby but sometimes you’ll even sing a few lines from the High School Musical TV show. It’s come to a point where even your grandma has noticed, “Menyanyi je lah budak kecik ni.” But I love it; I love the way you sway your body to the song. I love the way you sometimes act out the song, in all seriousness. I love the way you sometimes get me to join in and then we laugh at each other for being so silly.

Dearest Dina. There isn’t a day when I don’t think about you. Whenever I have to go outstation, I look forward to your calls and to hearing your voice calling me and telling me about your day. I love that you like to snuggle up to me as we watch TV together and that you always ask permission to lie in my lap as you drink your milk. I love the way you dance, doing your Pocoyo dance with such cuteness it just kills me inside. I love playing Hide-n-Seek with you eventhough you always hide in the same place. I love the way you laugh and play with your sister; the smiles it brings me to hear your shrieks and giggles fill the house.

I love you so much Dina Yasmin, in a way I never thought would be possible to love anyone. You are my life, my reason for being here. I thank Allah for bringing you into my life and for allowing me to be your mother. You have brought nothing but joy and happiness and for that I am eternally grateful.
Happy 2nd birthday, my Beautiful.

Love, ibu


mommy said...

along, dina will be very happy to read this whenever she can read later... too know that her mother loves her unconditionally. Sometimes the love is so overwhelming its undescribably kan? Yang heran tu the feeling is only felt with your kids je, betul tak?

Happy Birthday Dina Darling. Ibu bagi apa?


happy2gether said...

along, dah besor dah dina ek? happy 2yrs old cutie...hug n kisses frm auntie mai...daaa....

Syikin said...


suka tul saya baca entri ni, pandai along bermain ngan kata2..sesuatu yg saya tak pandai lakukan hehe.

hepi birthday dina..moga jadi anak solehah yg berjaya dunia n akhirat, peneman ibu n ayah di syurga kelak..

nanti my ALia pun 2 thn pada nov nanti.

hotel singgahsana..makanan dia mmg best...baguslah surau dah bertambah cantik sekarang. lama tak p sana dah..bertahun lamanya

Along said...

Mommy: Yes, the feeling of being a mother is very overwhelming but to me in a good way. Itulah, rasa sayang pada anak2 ni memang beza ngan org lain, even hubby.
Hehehe...ibu Dina sempat beli kek je semalam. Hadiah dah ada tapi tunggu weekend baru nak bagi. Nak sambut sekali lagi kat rumah Nenek dia.

Mai: Hehehe, tq..tq. Yer, dah besar dah...dah time untuk lagi sorang kot? Hahahaha..

Syikin: Ala, jangan le puji lebih2. Malu lak!! Nanti bile Alia 2 tahun letaklah birthday post untuk dia jugak yer?

mummy-o said...

such a beautiful letter for a beautiful birthday girl!!

Anonymous said...

this might come in a lil bit late..but terjumpa this entry while blog-hopping hoping to find some nice posts..then this one make our day. the words are so beautifully crafted..the nicest ever gift a child would want from a loving mummy like u. bet that ur child, Dina, will appreciate what u wrote someday..but til then..bear with her cuteness..huhuhu..say hi to ur cute lil dina, dania, hubby and the rest of the big happy family. ;-)

khairil & sal - ampang