Tuesday, October 04, 2011

A Full Week..

Yesterday: Sent off my parents for Haj. Uwwaaaa....they'll be gone for 45 days. I miss them already!! My mom was showing me where she kept all her jewelry and stuff, in case they don't come back and I was like "I don't care about your jewelry!! Wadda ya mean you might not come back??!!!"

Today: Dimsum dinner date with hubby. We bought the coupon via Groupon since FOREVER but only now have the time to redeem it. I hope it's worth it. Hubby's a dimsum freak so he's looking forward to the meal. I'll reserve my opinion until later.

Tomorrow: I have class and tons to read up on still.

Thursday: Assignment #2 due! Haven't started a thing yet but they say procrastinators always churn out the best work when they're stressed. Muahahahhaa,..

Friday: I'm going to see Westlife!! Wuuhuuu!! I haven't been to a cencert since FOREVER. Must brush up on my Westlife lyrics...nanti dapat nyanyi setakat chorus je.

Saturday: Dina's birthday party!! Have bought some stuff for decorations and goody bags but still need to do the invitation cards and other stuff.

Sunday: Really need to concentrate on studying!! 1st SM exam is the following week. Mati la, satu haprak pun tak prepare lagi!!


Aunt Juicebox said...

Oh, I've missed seeing your pretty children. I've been away much too long. :( Your nephew is very cute, although Daria was just too much for words. I'm jealous you went to China without me. lol