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Lilypie - Kids Birthday

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Belum Masuk Gear...

I think we're already in week 4 of the trimester and I'm still trying to find my bearing. For this trimester, I have Consumer Behavior (CB), Marketing Research (MR) and Strategic Management (SM). So far, classes have been ok, just the workload is gonna kill me soon. I particularly hate (maybe hate is too strong a word)..ok, dislike SM. For one thing, the prof likes to "terjah" people, making us all on our toes throughout the class session. That is soooo not good for my internal systems. Second, he gives us weekly assignments, that take forever to complete. OK, maybe not forever, but when you're stuck in gear 1 like I am, it seems like forever.

I rather enjoy CB class coz it's a lot of discussions and I get to talk a lot. Hahaha. For MR, it's interesting but damn, there's so much to read and remember. Plus it's a research class so the assignments are all research-heavy. Drag!!

It's nearly 1am right now and I'm stuck on my 3rd SM assignment. Really, it's not like I wanted to do it last minute. What with work and the kids, I hardly have time for anything else. Sigh...ok, back to hitting the grindstone. Happy sleeping everyone else.


Nur H said...

Prof terjah...he one during my tax class dulu,...suka tanya at random...
u can do it, girl!

joe said...

tapi tapi.. nanti ko ada MBA tuuuu