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Thursday, October 06, 2011

Dimsum Dinner Date

Last Tuesday, En Rashid took me out for a dimsum buffet dinner at Holiday Villa, SJ. He found the deal on Groupon and since he's a dimsum freak, he bought 2 coupons and dragged me to follow him.

Our dinner reservation was at 730pm but we only left the office at around 7pm, thanks to En Rashid getting stuck in a meeting that started at 630pm!! Grrrr...

However, thanks to his great driving skills, we arrived at the hotel with 30 seconds to spare. Phew! Though I seriously doubt the restaurant would have denied us access just because we were a few minutes late.

There was quite a crowd when we arrived and LOL, most of them were there thanks to the Groupon deal. En Rashid and I were ushered to a table smack in the middle of the room where the servers then started laying down dozens of dimsum containers.

This was only from the 1st cart. I think there were 3 carts altogether. yang aku tau, banyak giller dimsum dia letak atas meja. Terkuzat kejap tengok.
Sukanya dia!!! He had been looking forward to the dinner for so long....layan je la.
I dunno the names of any of the dimsum but I took pictures of those that looked interesting. I particularly liked the one that had seaweed wrapped around it but it was all gone before I could snap a photo.
This cheeky monkey was not invited for the dimsum dinner but she's featured here because Heather requested so. Heeee...hope you like the flowers, Heather!


ummufatihah said...

Assalamualaikum Along,

Nak jugak cakap, gadis bunga ni mukanya amat seiras dengan ALong. Anak emak, eh?.. :)

Along said...

Ummu: Maksudnya, ibu gadis bunga ni pun sangat comel la yer? Hehehe...