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Lilypie - Kids Birthday

Monday, October 31, 2011

After Watching Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon, I Realized....

...the actual hero (or rather heroin) of the story is not Sam Witwicky or Optimus Prime or BumbleBee. It's Carly.

After all that happened, it turns out that in order to win the war, it doesn't depend on what technology you have, or what type of guns you have, or what type of car you drive.

It depends on whether you can bitch-talk two "friends" into fighting and killing each other.

''You'll be nothing, but Sentinel's bitch!''


ps: Dania watched the movie with us and right after Carly delivered that line, she turned and looked at me and asked "What's a bitch?"

Thanks a lot, Michael Bay!!


theotheraj said...

but to me, transformers should just be all about the robots je. no need for shia and especially carly. tho it's she made for a nice opening scene haha

Idham Idris said...

everyone knows a bitch is a female dog!

Along said...

TOAJ: Tercemar childhood memories aku about Transformers dah.

Idham: Hahahha, actually that's what I told her at first but it only confused her more (like..there's no dog there!). So in the end, BITCH is a bad word and if anyone calls you that...TELL ME!!