Sunday, October 16, 2011

Dina's 7th Birthday Bash

I better write about this before it becomes stale. We had the birthday bash last Saturday at home. It was a small occasion, we invited only a few of Dina's friends and classmates. After much deliberation, we decided on a theme...


Did you make the bird sound when you read that? Hahaha..

We set the party to start at around 11am and end at 2pm. I figured 3 hours of having a house full of hyper kids was enough.
The first activity lined up was a coloring activity. I had printed out several pictures of the angry birds (and some pigs) and pasted them onto manila card boards. I also had several small angry bird pictures the kids could paste onto their finished product. I made sure there were enough crayons and color pencils to go around. This activity was great because it kept the kids in one section of the living room, relatively quiet. Heee.

Then it was cake time. We had to wait for my brother and SIL to arrive as I had asked Aida to pass the cake to them.
The cake was a hit with the kids! And Dina was so happy. Everyone ooohh'ed and ahhh'ed at the small birds and pigs, complete with slings and tiny bird eggs to go.
A picture together before everyone sang Happy Birthday. That dude on the far left is my 3 month old nephew. How cute is he?? Oya, those angry bird t-shirts the girls are wearing was bought that morning. Hahahha..last minute purchase from the shop across the road. Sib baik ada.
This picture was taken and edited by my brother using his iPhone. I love it coz it looks like a sketch. Also Daria looks extra chubby in this photo..haha.

Daria the Destroyer messed up the cake before we could stop her. Luckily she only messed up the letters and not the cake itself.
The kids were all trying to "book" a bird to eat. Hahaha..I told them to share, the birds were made out of pure sugar!! The last thing I need is more hyper kids in the house.
Everyone have cake!!
Here's Min with her 2 nieces (pink dresses). She was only one of the two adults who stayed throughout the party. The rest just dropped off their kids at the gate. She was suppose to come as General Pig but her pig snout paper mache project became an epic fail. Reluctantly, I let her stay for cake. :P

After cake, was a game I called "Kill the Water Bottle Pigs". Basically I had printed out pictures of the free pig and taped them to a few empty water bottles. The kids had to try to knock all of the "pigs" down using the angry bird plush toys I had bought for the party.
A simple game but the kids had a blast! It looked easy but was a bit tough for the smaller kids. In the end, we lumped all the water bottles close together, to make sure everyone had a chance to "kill" all of the pigs. I gave out angry bird erasers as prizes for those who succeeded.
The games were only meant for the kids but apparently someone didn't get the memo. Siap tak bagi budak potong line tu..sabar je la. Hahhaha..
Early signs of too much sugar in her system. Huaarrggghhhhhh!!!
Once everyone had succeeded in winning an eraser, we moved on to opening the presents. Dina got a lot of really cool stuff. Lots of stationary and color pencils to last her a lifetime. Hahaha.
Around 1.30pm, the party started to wind down. I gave each kid a helium balloon to take back home.
Together with a party pack. Each kid got an angry bird stationary set, an angry bird notebook and a lollipop.
While waiting for the parents to come, Dina and her friends took some pictures outside, with the plush toys.
My girls. Sigh...they're growing up way too fast.
Menu-wise, I kept it simple. Bihun with egss, nuggets, egg sandwiches, multicolored jellies and cake. For drinks, I made punch. I bought some colorful plastic cups (red and yellow) to tie in the angry bird theme.

We played a few more games since some parents were a bit late in picking up their kids. We played "Put the Birds Back in their Nest". Basically I took the box the cake came in and asked the kids to try and throw the plush toys into it. Anyone who could get at least 2 birds into the box got an extra lollipop. After that, we played "Bomber Angry Bird" which was a varied version of Pass the Ball. I used my iPad to play the Angry Bird theme song as the music for the game.

All in all, the party was a success. The kids had fun, the adults got to eat in peace and Dina was very, very happy. Here's to another birthday party next year..well, maybe.


Jaja® said...

Kek sgt lawa! And theme angry birds sgt in skrg kan?
There's actually apam angry birds yg super cute. (instead of apam polka dot)

Unknown said...

Assalamualaikum Along,

Memang tema yang amat bijak sekali.. :)

Even Asiah is enjoying the party when I read this entry.. :)

Congrats Along, for the successful party..

Yazmin said...

Best party ever! I'm glad I have nieces to use as an excuse to eat cake :D

Sal said...

Wah...Along, kek tu cantik ler. Aku mcm nak makan jer kat photo nie. hehehe...

It's not too late for Aunty Sal to wish....."Happy Belated Bday Dina"....

zarina said...

apsal dina kurus??...mana pegi lemak2 dia??

Along said...

Jaja: Yes, the cake was very nice. Nice to see and nice to eat. Hee...apam angry bird? Kena tengok sendiri ni.

Ummu: Actually tema ni pilih sebab kat kedai buku dekat rumah tengah jual banyak benda2 angry bird. Hahaha...tapi bbdk pun suka tema ni.

Yazmin: Awww...I would have let you in for cake even without your nieces. Haahaha..

Sal: Kalau ko dekat, bleh je ko ngan Peah mai makan cake. Thanks for the wishes.

Zarina: Memang dia kurus la...dari kecik takde lemak pun. Ikut ibu dia..hahaha..

Anonymous said...

Your bro got mad photo skillz yo! whadap! bwahaha

liza said...

aku pun mau angry bird softtoy tu oit... yang beratur tu boboy ke alang? Tak kenal dah..

Along said...

Angah: Puji la diri sendiri..sila, sila.

Liza: Yang beratur tu Alang. Nak softtoy angry bird? Dah kena conquer ngan Daria semuanya! Hahaha..

Aunt Juicebox said...

More fun! The cake was so cute! My husband loves Angry Birds, but me, not so much. I'm not very good at it, but I like to watch him play it. We've got it on our Roku, so it's up on the tv.

Along said...

AJB: The cake was a hit!! My kids are really good at playing Angry Birds so it was an appropriate theme. I'm more of a Zombie vs Plants type of gal myself. Heee...