Friday, October 14, 2011

Apparently I'm An Uptown Girl...

..because that was the only song I knew in full during the Westlife concert last week. Muahahaha...nampak sangat dah tua, lagu Billy Joel jugak yang ingat.

So, like I mentioned in my previous entry, Noresh and I went to the Westlife concert last Friday. I think for both of us, it wasn't a die-hard-fan kind of decision but more of a "I need a change of pace" kind of thing.

I had a 3-5pm meeting that day but was determine to leave office early. Noresh had suggested I arrive at her house before 6pm and she would drive us both to the stadium. Luckily, my EVP wasn't feeling all that well that day so the meeting ended just on time. In fact, thanks to my expert driving skills, I reached Noresh's house before she was even ready to go.

The drive to the stadium was rather smooth and lucky for us, we got a good parking space, not too far from the entrance. Dah tua maa, must save energy for the concert! Haha. We had to queue for like 20 minutes before we were allowed in. Oya, have to add that the people handling the gates wouldn't allow stuff like cameras, umbrellas, even those colorful, glow sticks in. Which is fine except there were people selling those glow sticks not 5 meters away from the gates. If they were not allowed into the concert hall, then the people handling the gates should have not allowed people to sell them either!! Imagine, fishing out RM10 (I think that was the price) for a glow stick, then having it confiscated at the gate. Sheeeshhh!!

Being the non-fans that we were, we had bought the cheapest tickets available. Itu pun nak RM100 gak!! Nevermind..once in a while. Can't believe the last concert I went to was when I was still studying in the US.

Since we arrived rather early, we had a lot of time to kill before the concert started (8.30pm). This is where our seats were from the stage.
Giller jauh, but at least they had those two jumbo screens at the side of the stage. Those seats in front (blue section) costs RM599 or something like that! Crazy!! And it was rather packed when the concert started. Some people apparently have money to burn.

Camwhore moment. Actually we were getting anxious for the concert to start. The boys were late!! In the end, the concert started at 9.15pm. Both Noresh and I were already yawning at that time.

Anyway, the showmanship was good. The boys really knew how to interact with the crowd. There was one part of the show where they invited this dude and his girlfriend up on stage. Before they sang the next song, the dude gave a short speech then got down on one knee and proposed to his girlfriend!! So sweet!!! everyone was cheering them on. I think the gf started crying or something. Oya, and she said yes! Hahahhaa...

I must say, Nicky looks super cute in real life. And Mark and Shane sound exactly like in their albums. Super voices. And Kian had everyone say hi to his unborn child on videotape. "Hi Twinkle". Too cute!

All in all, it was good fun eventhough I only knew 3 out of 10 or so of their songs. Haha. Now, if only NKOTB would get their fine butts to Malaysia, that's one concert not to be missed!!

ps: I have some videos from the concert, taken using my handphone  but won't upload them coz you can hear me singing in the background. And Adele I am not, so I'll spare you guys the torture. Hahahhaa!


Nur H said...

muda jelita lah gambar tu...sama je mcm time orientation dulu...:)

Along said... ke? Tq, Tq. Masa pi concert tu agak terasa macam makcik plak...ramai bebudak muda. Kita yang dah jadi mak orang ni tersesat lak kat situ. Hahhaha.

liza said...

laa..duduk kah? tak dapatlah joget2..hihi

Along said...

Liza: Duduk la bukan Bon Jovi or Metallica! Hahahha...tapi bleh je nak berdiri, aku ngan Noresh je tak larat. Setakat angkat tangan, hayun kiri kanan bleh la.