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Lilypie - Kids Birthday

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Ideas for Dina's Birthday Party

I’m trying to find ideas for Dina’s 7th birthday party. I promised her one if she fasted full this year and boy, am I regretting that now. A few reasons: my parents will be going for Haj again this year so I need to do the party either this weekend (too short of a notice) or next weekend. Dina wants a themed birthday party but she hasn’t decided on a theme yet. Actually she did but she came up with a mermaid concept and I was like “I am NOT going to put a swimming pool in front of the house for you and your friends to flop around in.” She doesn’t want a Princess Party just because we already did that for Dania’s birthday 3 years back.
So, I’ve been surfing around and bugging Min for ideas. So far, I have the following options: 1) A Pirate Party 2) A Sports Party 3) A Magic Party (ala Harry Potter). Other ideas that were thrown out were 1) Superheroes Party coz surprisingly there aren’t as many female superheroes as much as male ones, plus the ones I thought of were way too sexy (Catwoman / Wonderwoman) 2)Avatar/Smurfs party because eventhough I love blue, I don’t to have my guests paint themselves blue! Plus Avatar sucks!! That’s right, I went there!! I don’t care if some people think that there are real Navi people out there or that Pandora is real…Avatar is all graphics and no storyline. Eat that, James Cameron!!
OK, anyway, back to the party. So yeah, I have 3 choices which are relatively easy for the guest to dress up for and for me to arrange some simple games and prizes for the kids. I intend to make it small, just have Dina invite her classmates. I have school, people!! Weekends are for catching up on sleep.
I’m still open for ideas on the party if anyone has any, please share!


theotheraj said...

aku nak suggest theme back to nature, but then again, it would've been more sesuai for adults. kot for kids, kang ko kata aku paedo lak hahaha

Sal said...

Cowboys & Red Indian? Ok jugak tu, kids can dress up...baju petak2x, pakai suar, siap ada pistol kat pinggang....lawan plak the native red indians...bleh pakai head gear yg ada bulu ayam, bulu itik pun boleh....

Yazmin said...

I am so not talking to you.

Yan said...

besnyaaaa theme party!!! that cowboy one sounds interesting & easy...easiest maybe color theme jek...:p safari? or disney party? she can stil wear mermaid outfit hehe..good luck! cnt wait to hear about it ;)

nadya.s said...


charlie n choc factory theme? ada candy bar, ada big hat, ada umpa looompa :) weeeee... best best!!...

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