Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Updates on the Random

I found my watch!! It was in a drawer where both Wati and myself had looked a thousand times yesterday. Toyol pulangkan balik ke? Doesn’t matter, ahh…I’m just so happy I found it. I had already started surfing the Guess website, looking at the latest designs. Heeee, now I can put away my money or maybe put it to use by pimping up the Tank.

Oya, talking about the Tank, I forgot to inform that I have officially succeeded in mangling its left side by scrapping it along the wall as I was entering the parking lot beside the office. Like…WTH?! Luckily the damage is somewhat minor (NOT!) and the door can still be opened and closed. En. Rashid was surprisingly very calm when I told him what I had did. He even took me out for lunch!! Uwaaaa, lagila rasa guilty!! We’ve decided to paint the Tank a different color. I’m moving towards something like blue-ish grey, while En. Rashid thinks maroon would be nicer. We’ll see how it goes…abih dah duit bonus eden!

I’m taking this Thursday off! Agenda for the day….sleep! And maybe sleep some more. And then continue to sleep.

I’m still at a lost on what to get En. Rashid for his birthday. Yeah, the dinner was somewhat of a given, but now I need something physical. And NOT a motorcycle. Because I love En. Rashid too much to let him ride around on a bike. It’s not that I don’t trust him to ride safely…I don’t trust the other idiots on the road not to run him over.


Anonymous said...

new boxers for him to wear masa main bola


Along said...

Dia main badminton la sekarang...dah berpakaian tertib. Main dengan bos maaa....hehehe.