Monday, April 11, 2011

Ramdon...Or Random.

I’ve misplaced my watch. I know I had it on Saturday when I came back from work (yes, working on Saturday!) but on Sunday, I couldn’t find it. I turned the whole house upside down looking for it. The good thing is, I KNOW it’s somewhere in the house. Usually I either put it in my wristlet or place it on the cabinet in the living room. The worst that could have happened is that Daria could have gotten a hold of it (she likes to wear it sometimes) and thrown it in the dustbin. That would be like CRAAAAPPPP!! I hope Wati or the girls find it soon because I feel naked without it.

How long can I watch and be mesmerized by a baby polar bear playing with a blue bucket? More than 10 minutes apparently, I played the video again and again. Too cute!! I [Heart] polar bears.

I found RM300.45 in my handbag, in one of the secret inner zippers thingy.

I need a break. Very Soon. I feel burnout already.

Yesterday was En Rashid's birthday. I took the whole family plus my parents and brothers out for dinner at Chilies. Urgh, Steak at Chilies is not good. Will stick to VS after this.


Anonymous said...

VS is victoria station kan? haha

tony roma's better than chilis if you want steak. somehow chilis and tgif so-so dah lately ni.

Along said...

Bukan, VS is Victoria Secret...muahahahha...

Yeah, TR also nice the steak, but damn expensive!! Aku nak kena belanja 10 perut...kopak la. Kalau setakat aku ngan En Rashid je takpe...