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Lilypie - Kids Birthday

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Worth The Sacrifice!

All that staying up until 3am doing bloody group assignments was so worth it! I finally got my results today.



I need to buy a BIG lunch for my coursemate Min coz she helped me pull through the agonizing accounts class. And also for my boss and staff, for all their support. And also hubby kot, eventhough he didn’t really do anything. Heeee.

I had my 1st class yesterday since the one on Tuesday was cancelled. The prof was ok, though he did scare quite a few students into changing sections during his introduction. Hahahaha, I think that was just a rouse to lessen the number of students in his class. He likes to mumble a lot but the way I’m seeing it, if I can survive Accounts, I can survive FM.

We have OM today. A bit anxious because the lecturer has the reputation of not teaching in class so most of his students need to do a lot of self studying. Hmmm…however, the upside is, most of his students also get A or A-. Dilemma!! I know the knowledge is worth more than the grade but I’m so lazy to go through the hassle of changing sections. I think I’ll just give this prof a chance first and see how he is 1st hand before thinking about changing classes.


ummufatihah said...

Salam Along...

Congrats.. Congrats... Well done...

And good luck for your FM and OM... Both were fun for me even though a little bit tricky, i would say.. :)

Aapitz said...

waaahhh..congrats along... sekejap jer dah abis exam...

BERJAYAAAAAA....!! ( ckp cam ala2 org jepunggg citer Meoro Attack )

Along said...

Ummu: Terima kasih!! Yeah..manageent classes seem like a lot of reading...hmm..kena rajinkan diri balik.

Apit: TQ..tq!! Itula..dah start 2nd trimester..hopefully everything goes well also.

ps: Sangat suka Meoro Attack!! Lompatan Berpusing!!!

Huda Ahsin said...

Tahniah! Tahniah! Semoga terus berjaya!