Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A Wednesday Update

If there's one "nice" thing about having only one car (I'm putting nice in brackets because in actual fact, it sucks biggy!) is that hubby has to come home early so that I can get to class on time. I'm still trying to get into my studying mood...the fact that 3 weeks of class had gone by somewhat eludes me until I glance at the calendar and realized that Mid Terms are in 4 more weeks.

How is that possible?

Dania is in full holiday mood and while I've bought her enough story and exercise books to last her for weeks, she's still anticipating the part where we'll announce which hotel we'll be staying in for the holidays. Tough luck. What with work, my class schedule, various weddings we need to attend to in December, I doubt we'll be able to squeeze in a hotel stay anytime soon.

Dina has classes until mid December but since everyone else is on holiday mood, so is she. She's excited about her concert though as she may be getting a prize this time. I'm not sure what she'll be performing this time; she's mentioned a Malay dance, then switched to a Chinese dance, then I heard her rehearsing a CT song. Heavens...this is going to be one heck of a performance.

Daria's getting bigger by the minute. And getting bossier too. Her favorite word is "Nak" which means "I want". So it's "nak..nak..nak..nak" all the time. To my dismay she has refused to say "Ibu", though she calls everyone else by their title. One time she called me "Kak" and I almost died. Then hubby told me she calls everyone as "Kak", so it didn't hurt as much.

I just received an sms from the Uni and it seems they've changed the venue of the FM class to somewhere else...permanently. This is what happens when you select a class based on where it's been held. Just another way of the universe screwing with usual.