Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Travelling Plans (daydreams?)

So this week I'm on leave. Just to finish up my annual leaves that I have thought I still have a few more but I'm thinking of saving those for next year. Mostly for all the travelling trips we have planned.
Next year, Daria's going to be 2, so both hubby and I thought it would be nice if we took another overseas trip. Not that far, maybe Singapore to see the Universal Studios. Ever since the ads have been coming out on TV, both Dania and Dina have been asking when we can go. Accmodation may not be an issue since my cousin will be moving to JB after her wedding in May. However I am itching to stay at the Marina Bay Sands (expensive!!) or Marina Mandarin (also expensive!!)...we'll have to see how the budget goes.
AA also announced they have direct flights to Paris now. Paris!! Oh, how I wish I could go there again. So far the offer is RM499 one way...but there's a limitation on which days you can fly. Again, will have to look at our budget and also our work/school schedule. If we do get to go (please...please...pretty please!!), it would most probably be just me and En Rashid. Heeee...we are soooo overdue for another honeymoon.
There's also the cuti2 Malaysia trip we've planned for the family. My idea was more of a roadtrip....going down south, then going back up along the east coast...crossing over to the north west, then coming back down to central, spending a max of 2 days at various states. En Rashid is more like...just go to one place and camp out. Yep, he actually suggested to go camping. Like, seriously? With a 2 year old? I'm all for nature and stuff but awwhellno am I digging a hole to do "business" wiping my own butt with a leaf. Been there, done that...enough to last me a lifetime. Heeee...So I guess, again, this trip will also depend on our budget and schedule.
In the meantime, I have a lot of reasons not to go shopping anymore and to fast on Mondays and Thursdays. Muahahaha...


Aapitz said...

hahahaaa...idea camping tuh mmg sgt menarik laaa

Ader juga cita2 nak bercamping kat bagan lalang cam tak kesampaian lagi lerr...

Entah biler ek...? :P

liza said...

jom pi Paris..! :D