Sunday, November 14, 2010

Goodbye, Atok

We buried our grandfather yesterday.

He passed away around 12.45am Friday, 13th November 2010.

He was 89 years old.

He died in his sleep, surrounded by his children and grandchildren.

I received the call from my mom around 1.15am. After putting Daria and Wati in the girls' room, hubby and I headed to Keramat.

Most of my uncles, aunts and cousins were already there.

Atok looked like he was sleeping.



We took turns reading the Quran beside Atok until the mosque people came for his body at 930am. We took him to the nearby mosque for his final bath and solat jenazah.

Around 11am, we headed to the burial ground.

By 12pm, everything was complete. Atok was in his final resting place.

We headed back to Atok's house for lunch. Everyone was tired, physically and emotionally.

After lunch, hubby and I headed back home to bathe and get some rest.

After Maghrib, we went back to Atok's house for tahlil, this time with the kids and Wati.

After tahlil, we all had dinner together.

We talked and laughed and reminisced about Atok.

He was loved.

He will be missed.

"Sesungguhnya segala yang hidup akan mati. Apabila anak Adam meninggal dunia maka akan terputus segala amalannya kecuali tiga perkara; sedekah jariah, ilmu yang bermanfaat dan anak soleh yang mendoakan kepadanya."


Mom-On-The-Loose said...

Al Fatihah. my condolences to you and your family.

Nur H said...

Takziah Along. Al fatihah..

Unknown said...

Salam ALong:

Innalillahi wa innailahi rajiun....

Semoga beliau berada di kalangan mereka yang dikasihi Allah swt...


nadya.s said...

takziah and alfatihah along.. i bet he had a awesome 89 year of life.

13 November kan.. you mention October, in the post.

Zai Zul said...


Innalillah..I think your Atok had a good and fulfilling life.

Anonymous said...

takziah to you and your family.

Along said...

Dear all: Thank you for all your kind wishes. Semoga roh arwah Atok ditempatkan dikalangan orang2 yg beriman. Al-Fatihah.

Aunt Juicebox said...

I'm very sorry. :(

Yan said...

Takziah & prayers to you & ur fam...