Friday, October 22, 2010

Study Leave

I'm on study leave since yesterday until next Wednesday. Can't believe my 1st trimester is almost over. How time flies. I remember when I first stepped into my 1st class, I was so nervous and excited at the same time. I remember scanning the room, looking for a BFF I could hook up with (Hi, Min!) while also checking out any cute guys I could use as distractions when I'm bored (alas...tadak..hehe).

I haven't gotten around to do much studying yet since Daria has been unwell these past few days. She's been having the fever plus she got the cough and flu from Dina, so sleeping has been a problem for both mommy and baby. Yesterday she even threw up a couple of time so I took her to the child specialist for a proper checkup. Her medications cost me RM100 but what's that compared to my baby's health. I'm pleased to announce that today her fever went down considerably and her nose isn't so runny anymore. She still has the cough but I think the phlegm is going away. She doesn't sound like a hacking dog so much when she coughs now.

My parents are in Hanoi right now on their bi-monthly golf trips. I think they're coming back tonight. I know my mom is hoping we'll be coming over this weekend but I really need to do some serious studying for my exams. I'm so freaked out right now, I can't seem to remember any formulas or definitions. I already know my standing grade for OB; B+ which is somewhat of a downer coz I'm really hoping I get an A for that subject. Here's hoping my pair assignment went well, plus I don't panic during finals. I think I'm ok for my Econs but there's just so much to cover for the finals. Accounts....urghh....I need to do a lot of praying for that class. Hahaha.

All in all, it's been an adventurous 4 months. Challenging, to say the least but thanks to the support from my family, my bosses and my staff, I think I did ok.

Here's to the next 5 trimesters. God help me!


ummufatihah said...

Salam Along:

Good Luck.. Trust yourself and pray to Allah to give you the sakinah during your exam...

With Allah with you and full support from En Rashid and your family, Insya'Allah the success will be yours..

Go Along go... :)

fizi said...

insya Allah, Along. seronok lah baca..i'd love to be a student again..! huhu.

been reading yr study updates. am so proud of u!

Along said...

Ummu: Insya'allah..dengan berkat usaha selama ini tambah ngan doa semua orang...pasti berjaya!! Hehehe...thanks dear.

Fizi: Hang seronok, aku sengsara tau. Hehehe..nak jadi student lagi ke? Jom la..bleh sesama cite pengalaman jadi "hot college babe".