Monday, October 11, 2010

What Level of English Is This?

Look at what I have to work with for my OB assignment. This is part of what my group mates gave me to edit for our final written assignment.

"Reward non- monetary example like XXXXXX awards quarterly basis a year. For employees that go over and above, beyond their job scope. This reward is to helps motivate employees to do more than their scope of work. To get XXXXXX awards staff also has to involve in community projects upholds XX’s good name and image. XX also give token money to that staff (few hundred $) and that staff picture and biodata will be displayed in XX’s lobby it to encourages other employees to perform better."

Apa ni?!!

Is this the level of English that should come from an MBA student?


Coz I think my 8 year old daughter can write better English than this.

Sigh...sabar je la.


Aapitz said...


Adoi laaaa...mcm ayat translate BM terus...

Edi said...

mmg ada.. i pernah terjebak dlm group yg ade org tulis lebih kurang camni!.. terus i tukar group! haha

Along said...

Apit: Serious!! Kata MBA level but English...hancur!! Whatever notes Along bagi in point form, depa pi cantum je jadi ayat. Tapi ayat tu tak betul2kan. Geramnya!!

Edi: I wish I could change groups but I'm kind of stuck with these guys. Just crosing my fingers for the presentation session tomorrow. I'll be really pissed if I lose marks because of their lack of ability to make proper sentences.

Zaimanik said...

macam blh cam jer XXXXX award and XXX company tu...hahaha..groupmate kau ada yg sama company ker? Sabar jelah kan...lain kali jadi cam aku, dah tau tak reti English sgt, pi cari native speaker yg boleh converse on daily basis..dapat native English teacher, lagi best. Sebelum hantar assigment, boleh suruh dia edit...hahahaha..