Thursday, October 14, 2010

Chilean Miracle

I was in tears last night as I watched the Chilean mine workers being rescued from their underground “home” where they had been trapped in for more than 2 months. The faces of the men as they rose to the surface, the jubilant faces of all the rescue workers as one by one the men came up, the happy tears shed by the families and friends…it all just hit me in the gut. I sat on the coach, silent tears running down my face, a stupid grin on my face as I followed the updates on CNN.

This is a true testament of human perseverance. A true test of human strength, not just physically but mentally and spiritually as well.
I’m so glad everything worked out fine and the mine workers are back with their families where they belong.

Here’s to their health and happiness, not forgetting all those involved in the rescue mission. God bless!
Image taken by Hugo Infante / AFP - Getty Images.


Anonymous said...

kalau aku la, mau separuh gila dok dalam tanah lama2 camtu..

tapi, ok gak..

dapat oakley sunnies sepasang hahaha

Along said...

TOAJ: Tiem aku berpantang 45 hari lepas bersalin tu pun dah terasa cukup seksa dah. Padahal itu kira sket je kalau nak bandingkan seksa mamat2 yg trapped dalam mine tu.

Wei..ok la...lepas ni tengok la barang2 depa dapat sponsor nanti. I wouldn't be surprised if they get houses and cars.