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Lilypie - Kids Birthday

Sunday, October 17, 2010


The weekend after I wrote about my desire for a study table, I went (alone) to Ik.ea to get all the items in my previous post. A personal record, shopping at ik.ea only took me 40 minutes (add 15 minutes for searching for someone to help me place all the heavy items onto the trolley). Total damage: RM7++.

I was actually working that day so I did all my shopping before the event started. Thank you to the Deshman that help me put everything into my tiny myvi. Hehehe...kalau nak harapkan diri sendiri, ada pecah tingkap aku kejekan kot.

The next morning, I had a group discussion. When I got back, this is what I found in the kitchen.
Yaaaaa...En Rashid sudah masuk mood Tim "the toolman" Taylor.
The girls...helping...not so much.
The result. Hehehee...I scattered my books so the place looks "busy". Muahahha..
This is a cool clock. You have the time on one side.
Twist the top to show the alarm.
Twist again for the day and date.
Twist again for the temperature.

Don't ask me where I bought it; I got it for free. Korang tengok sini je la yer...jaki dari jauh. Hehehe..

En Rashid has promised to put an aircon in the room coz it does get rather humid in the afternoons (so close to the windows). As you can see, I place the fan so it cools me off directly in my face. Hah!

OKla, have to continue studying. My finals are in a week. Eeeeekkkkk!!!


ummufatihah said...

Salam Along:

Nice... You deserve the study area.. Your very own nest..

Along said...

Ummu: Tq,. tq...tapi nampak gaya kena alihkan study area ni sebab wireless tak sampai la plak. Uhuk..takpe..tunggu En rashid pomen camne.

Sal said...

Wah...hebat bergaya with your new study area...hehehe....

zai said...

best nya Long!! lepas ni lagi rancal kau study yerk...the girls tak kacau kau study ke?

theotheraj said...

wah.. terus pegi beli kat ikea tu..

Along said...

Sal: Gaya mesti ada..hehehe..

Zai: The study are is upstairs, in the spare bedroom. So the girls don't enter unless I let them. Amaaaannnnn!!

TOAJ:Sementara semangat tengah membara...hehehe..sib baik bleh buat installment payments...ok la sket damage made.

sity29 said...

wahhhh u must .. i repeat mustttt do well in the exam with all the preparation ehhehe.. i remember my days doing masters ahhahaha.. pakai meja makan je long ahahahah :P
sambil blaja sambil makan kih kih kih :P

gud luck in your exam!!!

Along said...

Sity: Heeee..jangan la bagi stress lagi. Ni memang tengah pulun...cuak mencanak!! Really hoping to do well...doakan yer.


long... jam tu dah cukup menjakikan. so nanti result pun kena la bagi org lain jaki gak muahahahahah...

btw, good luck aaa... aku tau ko mesti pulun punya... ko kan skema *larikkkk...*

Huda Ahsin said...

Semangat! Semangat!
Semoga berjaya dgn exam you tu...
I aritu tak sempat nak wish Congatulations masa baca pasal you terima biasiswa... so walaupun lambat - Congatulations!!
BTW, comei ler jam...

Along said...

Nora: Aku skema?!! Hmm...tapi memang pun, so x jadi marah. Hehehe..

Huda: Thanks for the wishes. Hopefully results dapat ok...doakan.