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Monday, June 28, 2010

Toy Story 3 - Review

Let’s take a break from my HK trip. Last weekend, we went back to Melaka (as per unwritten contract). As promised, we took the girls plus hubby’s nephew to see Toy Story 3.

I know a lot of buzz (lightyear..hah!) has been made about this movie and some of you are still waiting to watch it at the theaters, so I won’t be giving any spoilers here. Except this…..GO SEE THIS MOVIE!!!!

If I had to name one special moment in the movie that did it for me, would it be…
- The opening act of Woody & Buzz Vs. Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head.
- Their introduction to Sunnyside Daycare
- Ken's "playing dress up" scene
- Their escape from Sunnyside Daycare
- Spanish Buzz (I’m still laughing over that one!!)
- The incinerator scene (tears…nearly…hold them in!!)
- The final playtime with Andy (sob…almost lost it here…tahan, nanti En Rashid gelakkan!)

Ahh…this is one movie that I really think is worth the time and money to watch. Plus there are many important lessons for the kids, plus lots of laugh moments for the adults (adults no need to learn any lessons, meh?)

Thank you Pixar, for bringing us Woody, Buzz and the gang. It’s been fun playing with you guys.


sity29 said...

wa nangisssss tak hengat!!!
i blame it all on the imbalance hormones ahahhaha!!! aci tak??

Along said...

Sity: Hahaha...along sib baik member dah warning, ending sedih. Tapi still sayu..nak2 part Andy dok tatap muka Woody...alahai, pasal anak patung pun wa nak nangis ke? Ni takde hormons nak dipersalahkan pun...hahahaha..