Monday, June 28, 2010

Hong Kong Trip - Day 5

OK, let's conclude our HK trip. So it's Day 5 at Disneyland. Oya, we stayed at Disney's Hollywood Hotel, the cheaper out of the two hotels there. I had booked 3 standard rooms there. I had also booked a baby cot for Daria; the funny thing is, they placed a cot in all 3 rooms!! Hahahaha...

Since the park opened at 10.30am, the kids wanted to swim in the swimming pool for a few hours in the morning. I called the front desk and found out that the pool opened early at 7am. Initially hubby took the girls down to the pool. Here they are in their bathrobes. I love the fact they prepared bathrobes for children, it was such a nice touch.
Hubby brought Daria back up after 1/2 hours since she was still afraid of the water. Here's Daria trying out the bathrobe...she looks like a mini jedi!
The pool wasn't that big but since we went down early morning, there weren't a lot of people. Here are pictures of the girls trying out the slide.
Dina!! Hehehe...peace sign tak tinggal.
Heeee...I didn't want to miss out on the fun either!
Final photo ops before getting ready to head back to the park.
A quick photo with Mickey in the lobby while waiting for me to check us out from the hotel.

Since check out time was 11am and our flight wasn't until 5.10pm, we checked out at 10am and placed our bags in storage.

Since we had already covered Adventureland and had seen most of the parades, we moved at a more leisurely pace along Main Street. One of the outlets we visited was The Art of Animation, which showed us the process of animation from sketch until finished product.
The girls posing in front of sketches for The Little Mermaid.
Dina in front of her favorite princess, Aurora a.k.a Sleeping Beauty.
Dania posing as Alice.
We also entered a shop selling crystals. This is a replica of Sleeping Beauty's castle made entirely out of crystals. The color of the lamp changed from red to blue to green and yellow. Spectacular!
You could also see how the crystal models were made. Here the guy was attaching an ear to a miniature Mickey.
Magician Mickey....selling for HKD25,000!
This was the most magnificent piece in the store. A replica of Sleeping Beauty's castle made from gens and crystal...selling for HKD300,000!!
As we were heading along Main Street, they announced that Stitch's Summer Dance Bash parade was about to start. We found a shady spot and waited for the parade to begin. As you can see there were many Disney characters involved; from Goofy, Mr. Incredible, Stitch, Ariel, Genie (from Aladdin) and many more.
One of the things we just HAD to do while at Disneyland was to take pictures with the Princesses. Here we are getting ready to snap a photo with Snow White and Cinderella.
It was a truly girl-girly event. Even Daria got into the action. Doesn't Snow White look exactly like the cartoon character?
Next, it was off to take pictures with Aurora and Belle. Dina was so happy to get a big hug from her favorite princess, she couldn't stop talking about it for days.
Dania and Aqilah trying out one of the many street games they had set up all over the park.
Next, we headed off to see The Golden Mickeys show. Basically it was like the Oscars, disney style. Here are the hosts, Mickey and Minnie Mouse.
The cast of Toy Story....except I think it was only Woody and Jessie.
There were many characters but Daria wanted to climb on the chairs so I had to hold her and distract her with my camera. I think there was Mulan, Beauty and the Beast, Ariel, Quasimodo, Tarzan (incredible six pack...muahahaha!) and also Lilo and Stitch.
A quick photo outside Tomorrowland before we head back to the hotel to pick up our bags and head to the airport. Bye bye Disneyland...we had a great time!
We decided to take 3 taxis to the airport since we has so many bags and everyone was too tired to take the MTR. Each taxi costed us around HKD150 which was ok since we had put that into our budget. We arrived at the airport around 3.30pm but the ticket counter didn't open until 4.30pm, so we went to Popeyes for lunch (halal restaurant). Everyone was hungry for food so I ordered 2 buckets of chicken with mash potatoes, fries and red rice(?), with apple juice for everyone.
Daria enjoying her last meal in Hong Kong.
Check out the Stitch hat Azad has on. It sure was a crowd pleaser, especially going through customs. Everyone was happy but also sad to leave Hong Kong. Although we only got to visit a few places of interest, the important thing is we all had fun. Here's to planning our next family year!!