Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Hong Kong Trip - Day 3

OK, so we continue our journey in Hong Kong. It was Day 3 and I had planned for us to go visit the Big Buddha.

2nd stop - Ngong Ping 360

To get to NP360, we need to take the MTR from Tsim Sha Tsui station until Central station then change trains for the Tung Chung line. We got off at the last station on the route, which was the Tung Chung station.On the MTR. My mom took every opportunity to catch a wink. Heee.
Dania, Aqilah and my aunt on the MTR.
Once we got off the MTR, it was a short walk to the cable cars. Fortunately the line to buy tickets was very short so we didn't have to wait long.
A view of the cable cars from the ticket counter.

Prices from the cable car tickets depended on which type of cabin you wanted. They had the standard cabin and also the crystal cabin. Basically the difference was that the crystal cabin had a glass floor, so you could see the view under you. Initially I wanted to buy the Journey of Enlightenment Package, which included a round trip ride on the crystal cabin plus entry to Walking with Buddha and Monkey's Tale Theatre attractions. However the guy manning the ticket counter mentioned that the attractions were basically just 15 minutes movies so we scrapped that and only took the round trip tickets on the crystal cabin. Price for the tickets were HKD157 per adult and HKD104 per child.
View within the crystal cabin. My mom was scared to step on the glass. Hahahha..
Hubby and Azad taking in the view.
The ride to the top took 25 minutes and there were several times we went into the mist and couldn't see anything around us. However when it was clear, the view was breathtaking.
Me and the girls at the Ngong Ping village.
Dania and Aqilah becoming Samis for the day. Heee.
Checking out the Bodhi Wishing Shrine. According to legend, anyone who writes down their wish and hangs it under the Bodhi tree will be blessed and have their wish come true.
Dania writing down her wish.
Dina's wish was equally heartwarming.
Ahhh...ideas for our next international trip. Hehehe.
We saw many samurai statues on our way to see Tian Tan Buddha statue. Some were still under construction. As you can see it was very misty but fortunately the weather was very cool and nice.
It was a long climb up to see the Tian Tan Buddha statue. 268 steps to be exact.
And this is what we saw when we got up there. Sigh...damn you mist!!
So instead, we took pictures with the Buddhistic statues that were nearby. Big Buddha is surrounded by six smaller bronze statues known as "The Offering of the Six Devas" which are posed offering flowers, incense, lamp, ointment, fruit, and music to the Buddha. These offerings symbolize charity, morality, patience, zeal, meditation, and wisdom.
Final photo with Big Buddha as we made our way back down the steps. Fortunately going down wasn't as tough as coming up.
Taking a breather after the long climb. We had to take turns going up since nobody was willing to carry Daria up the stairs. During this time, hubby, my parents and my aunt were on their way up. I told my mom...ala, not so many steps, very easy. Muahahaah, ambik ko, semput time nak sampai atas.
On the way to visit the Po Lin Monastery.
I think this is the main entrance. There were a lot of Buddhists making offerings so we had to be very respectful.
The garden in front of the monastery. There were several monks walking here and there but I didn't dare ask them for a photo. I bet they wouldn't have minded. You can just make out the golden statues inside the monastery.
The golden statues. Very magnificent.
Daria making nice with the statues in the garden. My little girl was such an angel throughout the entire trip. A quick family photo before we headed back to the cable cars.
The view as we headed down back to the Tung Chung station.
Hubby and Daria enjoying the sights.
I have more to update on Day 3 but it's getting late and I have meetings in the morning. Yawn...later dudes!!


Sal said...

Aku ngeri la naik cable car...sedangkan nak naik cable car kat fun fair pun aku takut....he he he

Along said...

Sal: Mesti ko pengsan naik cystal cabin tu sebab memang kaca semata...hahahah..nampak kat bawah tu sayup je.