Monday, June 21, 2010

Hong Kong Trip - Day 1

It seems that quite a number of people are waiting for updates on my HK trip. Hehehe, patience. I'm trying to squeeze in time to blog between work and keeping up with the kids. As it is, I decided to sleep for a few hours then wake up to blog. Here's hoping I won't be too sleepy at work tomorrow.

Well, our flight to HK was in the afternoon. There was a morning flight available but it was at 7am, which I knew, seeing how there was 13 of us, there was no way all of us could be there on time. At first hubby wanted to leave the car at the airport but then my mom suggested my brother come and pick it up. That worked fine, so long as my brother promised to be at the airport the very second the plane landed when we came home. Getting the bags ready for our trip. Even Daria was excited and eager to help.

Since our flight was at 1.50pm, we all decided to have lunch at the airport. However, that didn't deter us from ordering more food on the plane. I must say, the nasi lemak was rather nice, though don't order the sucks!My dad, my mom and my cousin, Aina on the plane. Me, Dina, hubby and Daria on the plane. Daria was such an angel. She slept for 1 1/2 hours then spent the next two hours exploring the plane. But she didn't cry once, good baby!We arrived in Hong Kong earlier than expected due to good weather. Once there, everyone rushed to the toilets to relieve themselves. Hah! 1st place of interest - Hong Kong public toilets!!

A quick photo while waiting for everyone to emerge from the toilets. Yeah...we're in HK!!

To claim our baggage, we had to board a train to the other terminal. Even this short ride was something fun for the kids.
En Rashid, already thinking about what to eat for dinner. Hehehe.. Once we had gotten our bags and gone through customs, we headed for the ticket counter to buy tickets for the train (MTR). I wanted to buy the Octopus Tickets but the guy at the counter said it would be cheaper to buy the Airport express tickets as a group and use those to get into Kowloon. Ok la, whatever. I was just anxious to get to the hotel and rest for a while. The tickets cost us HKD660 for 9 adults and 3 children. We hopped onto the MTR (Airport Express line) and took it until the Kowloon Station. From there, we took a shuttle bus to Kowloon Hotel. From there, we walked a short distance (albiet, a challenging one due to our many bags) to our hotel, the Citadines Hong Kong Ashley. I'll blog more about the hotel in a separate post.Waiting for the shuttle bus to Kowloon Hotel. The bus actually made several stops at other hotels so it's best to ask the person at the counter the best way to get to your hotel from the airport. They would tell you the best method based on your group size and location of your hotel.Once we had arrived at Citadines, we checked in and freshen up. We looked for a place to eat; fortunately I had done my research so I knew a halal restaurant was nearby. And it was, just behind our hotel...India Palace. Sorry for the bad quality of the picture, I was holding Daria at the same time and she was trying to grab for my camera.
The entrance of the restaurant. The restaurant was on the 1st floor. Fortunately there was a lift so taking Daria up in a stroller was no problem.
The restaurant was actually full when we got there but the owner assured us he had spare tables he could set up for us. Yeah, seeing how we were such a big group, I guess it made business sense not to turn us away. Here's everybody finally getting a seat and getting ready to order.
The 3 Powerpuff Girls...they had such fun together in HK. It made sense for me to take down everyone's order before we placed it with the waitress. The food was good and the price was reasonable. And since the weather outside was rather humid, the aircon was heaven!

After dinner, everyone was too tired to do any sightseeing so we just headed back to the hotel. We did check out some designer shops on the way, which my mom got totally excited about. Heee...last2 tak beli pun.


Sal said...

Muka you all sumenyer memang nampak excited la....seronok aku tengok....especially si Daria tu...agak2xnyer mesti dia pikir..mana ler dorang nak bawak aku gie nie??

Along said...

Sal: Daria was such an angel..baik sesangat! I was worried for nothing...heeee, ni bleh plan for next trip ni.

Sya said...

Hehehe.. same like us la. The first thing we tuju beramai2 was the toilet.. :)

Along said...

Sya: Yep, there were too many people lining up for the toilet during the time dah jejak kat HK, terus terjah! Haha.