Thursday, June 24, 2010

Hong Kong Trip - Day 3, Part 2

Since Day 3 wasn't as tiring as Day 2 (hint: because the elected guide wasn't En Rashid...:P), everyone was raring for more sightseeing at night. Initially I wanted to take us back to the Avenue of Star to see the Symphony of Lights but everyone wanted to go shopping for souvenirs so we went instead to the Ladies Market in Mong kok.

To get there, we took the MTR from Tsim Sha Tsui to Mong kok station. Then we took exit E2 and walked along Nelson Street until we reached Tong Choi Street (about 2 blocks).

At the Ladies Market, you can buy all sorts of stuff from T-shirts (some stalls were selling 5 t-shirts for HKD100..a pretty good deal), fridge magnets, keychains, caps, cheongsams, knockoff handbags, perfume and many other gizmos and gadgets. There were even stalls that sold very provocative underwear. Hahahaha...However, the weather was so humid, we quickly strolled from one stall to another, stopping only when we really wanted to buy something. I didn't take many pictures at the Ladies Market because I was carrying Daria. It was too hot to leave her in her stroller that I carried her so she could get some fresh air. We bought some fridge magnets, some small mirrors, t-shirts and caps for the kids. There was one stall we stopped at that sold caps. The old man there told us the caps costs HKD59 each. As with any bazaar market, you're suppose to negotiate to at least half the price so I told the man HKD20. He then grabbed the cap out from my hand and put it back on the display rack! Siap rampas tu!! Hampeh punya orang tua! But I wasn't too peeved; there were many other stalls selling caps so we went to the one next to it. There I bought a nice HK cap for Dania for HKD40.

Once we had walked the whole length of the Ladies Market, we decided we couldn't stand to walk back through it to the MTR station. So we walked to the next street where it wasn't so crowded. We had to stop at a 7-11 to buy drinks as everyone was dehydrated. Hahaha. We also got to catch a sidewalk magic show. Tapi macam tak jadi manjang magic dia. Hahahaha...but the crowd was very supportive, even when the trick didn't work, they all clapped and gave some money.

The so-called street magician. Comel je pakcik ni.
View along..I forgot the name of the road. Full of neon lights. A lot of them were foot reflexology shops. Macam tau2 je dah penat kaki berjalan. Heee.

Once we arrived back at Tsim Sha Tsui station, everyone was hungry for food so we went back to India Palace for dinner.!!
After dinner, we all retired back to the hotel for a good night's sleep.

Coming up - Day 4 and Disneyland!!!