Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Where I Try To Make Things Work For Me

I’ve been working from the nearer office this week because a) I rock and I can work from wherever I want to, so THERE!! b) I actually asked permission from my boss and she said OK, so she ROCKS even harder than me c) Hubby has stated that this week, he’ll be staying back in the office everyday until 10-11pm so it’s separate cars driving to the office.

It’s such a pain driving alone to the office because a) the traffic jam b) the expensive parking (yes!! We need to pay for parking at the office…everyday (unless of course you come at 7.30am but then who does that!! Oh…the OTHER 80% of employees at the COMPANY…alright, moving on).

Anyway, because of all these reasons I’ve neatly organized above (I’m organized!), I’m trying to get out from driving to my actual office this week. Which worked yesterday and today but won’t tomorrow since I HAVE to be at the lab tomorrow but I’m going to try and not be such a huge biyatch (or a bigger biyatch than I normally am) and hopefully it will be a short session and I can go home on time. My brother has agreed to take the girls out to watch Alice in 3D tomorrow night and Bibik has expressed her desire to sleep at my mom’s house tomorrow night so seeing how early I get off from work and also in what particular mood, I may be driving the kids to MV for the movie then heading off to my mom’s house for one night.

I plan to have Thursday off because I promised the girls just one day off to take them out during this school holidays and believe me, taking a day off during this hectic season is causing me to feel some guilt but the fact that I worked for 3 weekends last month trumps that so..yeah. No actual plans on what to do, I might just end up taking them to KLCC so Bibik can take photos and pose like the Maybelline modal she isn’t.

That leaves Friday, where I intend to make hubby carpool with me to work. He won’t want to stay back late at the office because this weekend is when we head down to his hometown and because he is such a momma’s boy, we need to be at his mom’s house before midnight.

Oya, add to the fact that I’m having my period (yes, you can thank me later for sharing), I’m in no mood for driving and walking where unnecessary. I’m at that point where even turning my head to the right quickly causing the *hack* blood to flow like the River Nile, so yeah….not a big fan of moving about right now.

So, due to that note, I’m skipping lunch today (oh don’t worry, the guys will get me some food…I’m not going to starve!) and going to watch reruns of SYTYCD on Utube. This is one of the shows I watch with the girls (other than Wipeout…what?!! It’s hilarious!) and I just love it. I love Cat Deeley and the judges (yes, even shrieking Mary Murphy). I love the dances, even the really bad ones. No, make that ESPECIALLY the really bad ones. Plus, at the end of the show, the girls put on a performance of their own so it’s like a whole rerun without having to listen to the screaming/booing audience. Marvelous!


Salina Ahmad said...

Oh yes!!!!!! I love & hubby love it....
I like to watch Legacy move his teringat masa muda2x dulu...)

Along said...

Sal: 1st I kind of hated Legacy because he was so cocky..but now he's sooo good!! But body wise still cannot beat Ryan...yummmmiieee!!!