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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

2010 All England Badminton - Congrats Dato' LCW!!

Lambat tak aku ngan berita ni?!

I had planned to watch the final but due to other commitments, had missed it. Damn!! Good thing I can catch it on Utube but still I love watching badminton live. The tension!! The suspense!!

Congrats to Dato' Lee Choong Wei for winning the men's singles. It sure was entertaining to watch, especially seeing how he clawed his way back from behind. Pure mental power!! But you have to give kudos also to that Japanese chap, Kenichi Tago. He's still young (21) so if he plays his cards (or shuttlecocks..hehe) right, he'll be #1 in no time.

It's great that Dato' LCW won but still, the fact that the last shot was out...puts a little damper on the celebration. I agree that, at an angle, it would have been hard to see exactly where the shuttlecock fell, and the linesman is only human.

But who cares!! Hah! Malaysia won!!

Here's looking forward to the Thomas Cup this May. Must go!!

ps: Have to comment on the Malaysian team T-shirt. Can't find a picture of it but it looks cool in a funny way. One side with sleeves; one side without. Bagi nampak muscle skeeetttt!!!


theotheraj said...

memang lembab! haha

itu trend baru jersi badminton, sleeveless on the playing arm..

aku mula2 macam tak caya dia menang point tu sebab tengok replay, shuttle was behind the line. but sedangkan ref bola pun salah bagi gol, inikan pulak lineman badminton haha

Along said...

TOAJ: Itu la...sedangkan thierry henry pun score gol pakai tak? Hehehe..but it was a good game all in all.