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Lilypie - Kids Birthday

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

AA Sucks..But I'm Too Poor To Choose Anyone Else

So it’s official. Our trip to Hong Kong is now ON!! Flight tickets have been booked and paid for (thus no backing out unless you wanna be RM700 poorer for no reason).

The posse was pleased that the original plan of going to HK was back on. I, for one, did not particularly care where we went, as long as it was fun and memorable for the kids. Because I am such a super mom. I could be freezing my big, fat ass off but if my kids wanna roll around naked in the snow, then we’re going somewhere cold. I could hate that stupid mouse with all my heart but if Dina wants to give “my mikkie!!” a big hug, then we’re going to Disneyland!

We’re going on AA since they’re tickets were the cheapest. MAS came in a close second but considering my aunt has 5 people in her entourage, every single ringgit saved adds up.

HOWEVER, one thing I hated about AA was the fact they had a lot of hidden charges.

Pay more for baggage? Check!
Pay more for using a credit card? Check!
Pay more for selecting a seat? Check!
Pay more for meals? Check!
Pay more for travel insurance? Check!

In the end, those pesky charges really add up. I think out of all of them, my biggest peeve would be the “convenience fee” for allowing us to use a credit card as a payment method.


It’s a double edge sword; if you don’t want to pay this “convenience fee”, you can buy tickets over the counter BUT you won’t be getting the “better” internet rates. Grrrrrr….

And it’s a lot, you know, this “convenience fee”. RM5 PER PERSON PER WAY!!

I would understand if it was PER TRANSACTION, but to charge according to the number of people…is outrageous!! I hardly see how this “conveniences” me in any way.


OK, OK, breathe in, breathe out. It’s done…let’s just enjoy the trip to come. Time to relook at my budget and plan the itinerary.


MaizMalik said...

yeah! sokong! sokong! tak pasal2 adds up RM10 per person kan! so maiz end up tak amik insurance + only 3Xbaggage (for 7 person travelling) - angkut hand-luggage je kot huhuhu bila eh along nak pi HK nih?

Along said...

Maiz: Insya'allah cuti sekolah bulan 6. Lambat lagi..hehehe..tapi kena plan dari skrg. Rombongan cik kiah la katakan....marah kat AA ni tak habis2..bukan best pun. hmm..

z-zah said...

k.along, after adding up the hidden charges, masih lebih murah dr MAS ke? saya pernah compare harga dulu tapi masih rasa MAS murah... bergantung kpd lokasi ke?

theotheraj said...

actually, ko boleh get it cheaper even with AA. fly via macau, then take high speed ferry from macau to HK.

aku kira2 for december just before xmas, a saving of almost 2k.

Along said...

Z-zah: Like I mentioned, actually MAS lebih dalam 2-3 ratus je. Along x kisah nak bayar lebih tu, at least tau selesa sket and Daria gets a seat but the other geng rombongan cik kiah nak save duit. Heheheh...lagipun, MAS only had really late flights going out and really early flight coming back. Tak suitable la if travelling in large group, takut kelam kabut.

TOAJ: If it was just my family going, I would be up to do that. But with 10 adults, 3 children and 1 infant...hmmm, best to take direct flight. Takpe la, dah ketepikan pun duit nak tunggu duit bonus lak..hehehe...

Cat said...

huhuhu HK erk...well yeah guess those AA is kind like last resort actually but yeah hidden charges should government say something bout it...nway climb up Victoria Peak, drop by famous Stanley Market also if got chance walk around nite at wan Chai...enjoy yr holiday babe....