Monday, March 22, 2010

Wanna Be Quick..Use LEKAS

We went back to my in-laws last weekend since my cousin was getting engaged. This is my cousin, the doctor, the gal who was supposedly single a few months back.

My mom had already taken Dania and Dina to Melaka on Friday morning so it was just hubby, bibik, Daria and myself going after work. Unfortunately hubby got back from work around midnight so we postponed our journey for Saturday morning. The ceremony was scheduled to start at 11am so we headed out from the house around 8am, grabbed breakfast along the way and reached my aunt's house around 10.30am.

It was good to see my cousin's again (some I hadn't seen since last Raya) and especially my grandma and grandpop. Aina looked spectacular. The food was really good too. Hehehe.

We came back on Sunday and I was kind of dreading the highway crawl awaiting for us on the PLUS highway. True enough, as soon as we reached Senawang, it was bumper to bumper. Hubby opted to try and find the LEKAS highway (which we had used coming to Melaka but failed to find going back). We followed the signs to Paroi and just as we were thinking "Oh, well..I guess we'll just use the inner roads again", I saw the banner advertising the highway.

That's right...banners!! They didn't have any proper signboards up yet. Sigh...patut la tak jumpa dulu.

But it was a good thing we did see the banners. It was practically empty!! Thanks to LEKAS, we reached home in 1 1/2 hours instead of the anticipated 4 hours using PLUS. Fuyoo!!


Anonymous said...

yup, signboards are lacking.

aku penah pakai masa baru2 bukak dulu. saved a lot of time. saja try, instead of the usual escape route aku via pedas-lukut.

cuma yg mangkuknya, once you reached kajang, just be aware of the misleading signboards from SILK. forgotten about them, and kena tol mahal.

也許 said...


Along said...

TOAJ: Oh, kitaorg follow Jalan Reko, so tak kena tol mahal dah. All in all, it was much cheaper than using PLUS...and more importantly much faster.

Chinaman: Yeah, thanks. I think.