Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Dania's School Sports Day

Last Saturday was Dania's Sports Day. Both hubby and I had planned to go to her school to give support eventhough the school had discouraged parents to attend allegedly because of the H1N1 epidemic. Yeah right, like anything is going to stop me from jumping up and down, cheering on my girl from the sidelines.

This is Dina. She wanted to come also. Siap pakai kasut sukan lagi. She was supposedly to be Dania's main cheerleader but even before the event started, she complained about the heat and being tired. Hampeh punya cheerleader.

I had sms'ed Dania's teacher to inquire when the sporting events would start. 8am he said. Hmmm..yeah right, even at 9am, nothing had really started. Since we hadn't taken any proper breakfast, hubby took Dina and me to a nearby restaurant for some roti telur.

We went back to the school at 930am and Dania and her team mates had proceeded to the field to prepare for their event. It was another 1/2 hour until it was time for Dania's event to start.

The rules were simple; walk or run across a wooden bench, then jump over a hockey stick, go round some cones and run back as fast as you can. Pass the baton to the next person and go to the back of the line. Here's a video of Dania sprinting her way across the course.

The girls did ok but lack a bit of coordination when passing the baton. In the end, the green team got 3rd placing. OK la, each team member got a tupperware for their efforts. Better luck next time. What matters is that everyone had fun.


Sal said...

Teringat Sal kat zaman sekolah dulu. Lari kena pegang telur dlm sudu, lepas tu kena tiup tepung ambik gula2...muka penuh ngan tepung...ahaaaksss..those were the dayss...

Rasanye ada tak org nak organize event mcm nie for all the Mama's...mesti gempak giler