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Lilypie - Kids Birthday

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

More About The Fishes

So these are the fishes the girls bought. At least this is what they looked like when they were still alive. Oya, Dory? Yep, she went to heaven also. RIP.
This is the tank my mom bought for the fishes. Dania chose the colorful stones. I bought the goumari fishes (ikan sepat). If they survive until this weekend, then I'll buy more of them. And maybe some of those plastic seaweed to decorate the tank. And also a small Plecostomus fish to help keep the tank clean. What's a Plecostomus? Orang Malaysia panggil ikan bandaraya laaa...


lilinbiru said...

ikan sepat aku beli 2 ekor. pastu dia gaduh sama sdr
pastu mati. sekarang aku letak guppy je...x kasik makan, kasik dia makan lumut! hahahha
fedup kene basuh aquarium!!

Iym said...

Along, sama la kita. Anak2 aku pun asyik la nak pet. Dah beli ikan gak. Dah ade yg mati sbb ikan yg lemah kena gigit ikan yg kuat (tiger fish). x payah cuci selalu la kalu pasang filter dgn pump sekali. ikan korang mati sbb kurang oksigen kot? x nampak pun pump/filter kat aquarium tu.