Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Raya 2009 - Day 1

Daria finally fell asleep at 10.30pm tonight, a record for her. Usually she sleeps at 8.30pm. Tonight she just wanted to play and hug. I think this is her way of telling me how much she misses me during the day. Hmmm..yet I hope this is just a one off thing and not the norm from now on.

I wanna blog about our Raya before it becomes too stale. This year, Raya was special because of the latest addition to our family. And boy, was Daria a big hit wherever we went. People wanted to hug her and carry her everywhere. And she loved every minute of it!! Needless to say, she got a lot of Raya money!! Hehehe...

Here are some pictures taken of the family during raya. This year we spent Raya morning at my maternal grandma's house in Keramat. All my cousins were there except for my Pakngah's children as they followed their mom back to her hometown.

These are all the female cousins and nieces. I'm the only girl in my family but I contribute three daughters so that balances things out. My aunt from Melaka has 5 daughters!! The eldest is now a doctor; she's the one at the back in the brown baju kurung. FYI, she's also single and looking so any available bachelors..ehem, please contact me if you're interested. Hehehe..If you look to the bottom left of the picture, you'll see part of my grandma's wheelchair. She cried when she say all of us together taking pictures; I guess she was just so happy everyone was with her to celebrate yet another Raya.

These are all the boys; from left to right: My youngest brother (Kamarul), Hubby, my 2nd brother who's getting married next year (Salehin), my 3rd brother (Zulhazmi), my cousin who has 5 sisters (Azad), the other 3 are brothers; Firdaus (orange baju melayu), Amirul (purple) and Aiman (silver). Missing are Hirzan and Faiz.
Here's Daria with her aunts; Makteh Taty and Maklong Aina. Aina's the doctor I mentioned earlier. Taty is currently studying medicine in Bandung. I bought the dress Daria's wearing at during the raya sale at my office. The tag said "for 1-2 years old". Muahahaha..Daria can wear it and she was just 4 months old.
Here are the girls again, minus Daria who had been kidnapped by her uncles. That's my mom's youngest sister on the far left, beside her daughter in the black headgear. Yeah...tell me about it, she doesn't look old enough to have a 18 year old daughter. Then again, people tell my mom the same thing!! People think we're siblings!!
Here's Daria getting to know her Paksu Aiman better. What can I say, the girl sure knows how to melt people's heart with her cheeky smiles and baby talk.

Those are just some pictures we took during the first day of Raya. It's getting late so I'll blog about the rest of Raya in another post.


Aunt Juicebox said...

I just love seeing all the clothing! It's so gorgeous!