Monday, October 05, 2009

A Birthday Note to Dina Yasmin - 5 Years Old

Dearest Dina,

Looking at my previous posts, it just dawned on me that I didn't write you a birthday note for your 4th birthday. Trying to remember why, it must have been due to my pregnancy with Daria. I would have been 6 weeks in; my HG would have just started.

I apologise my dear, it was not my intention to abandon my obligation during your special day.

For this year, your birthday fell during the raya month. For this reason (and because your abah didn't want the hassle of entertaining so many kids at the house...yeah, right, like he's the one doing the entertaining....or cleaning up...*eye roll*), we decided to celebrate your birthday at your school with your friends.

Our usual bake lady was busy so after much internet searching, I found this site on Kak Dilla's blog. Thank you so much Edina for entertaining my late request. The cupcakes you made for Dina really made her day. After we had picked them up from you the other day, she was so excited, she kept saying "I love my cupcakes!! I wanna hug them!!"
Your birthday fell on a Sunday but since we had several open houses to go to, we didn't get to have the family dinner as planned. But you being you never complained. Going to bed, you excitedly exclaimed, tomorrow ibu is coming to my school and bringing my cupcakes for my friends.

When you saw me at your school, you greeted me with a huge smile. Your teacher asked your classmates to sing Happy Birthday and you just couldn't stop smiling. You looked so proud giving out the cupcakes and goodie bags.

My dearest Buttercup,

It's amazing how big you are yet how manja you can still be at times. You're so funny and cheeky, you leave us all rolling on the floor laughing with the things you say. You're still into all things Princesses and for obvious reasons I wish you would stay like that forever.

I love hearing you read your books because you still have some pelatness. I love riding in the car and listening to you sing. You may not know all the words but you sure have the beat in you. I love smelling you after you've taken a bath; you smell like cool breezes and warm sunshine.

Thank you for all the smiles and laughter you've bought into our lives. Thank you for all the hugs and kisses.

My prayers for you this birthday is that you grow up healthy, happy and full of life. Just remember, no matter how big you grow up to be, you'll always be my cheeky, little girl.

I love you so much Dina and I hope you know everyday just how much I do.

Happy fifth birthday, my Beautiful

Love, ibu.


Anonymous said...

happy birthday dina. go pester your parents for a kid brother. now! haha

Along said...

TOAJ:!! Shop closed for at least 2 more years. Even then...hehehe, ok apa, 3 girls.

Aunt Juicebox said...

Awww, how sweet! She's such a cutie. That's such a great age. The cupcakes are incredible!

Along said...

AJB: Yep, I would agree..5 is a great age to be. Not too big, not too small. The cupcakes were great!! I ate more than anyone else..heee..

Edi said...

i shed a tear or two reading your post to your daughter Dina. it's always overwhelming to see them grow eh.. all the best to you in yur pregnancy (tak nampak langsung pun mase jumpe aritu!!)
and kisses to your darlings.
take care.