Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Old Friends

It’s 8.30pm and I’m still at the office. Our presentation session is about to begin but my part is still way into the future. Looking at the agenda, this meeting is scheduled to end at 12 midnight. Mampos!!

I hate going back home late. One main reason is because of the kids, especially Daria. Being only 4 ½ months old, she still needs to be breastfed in order to fall asleep at night. And it’s not only for her sake; I love those special minutes with her especially since sometimes it’s the only time I really get to be with her on weekdays.

Since I’ll be stuck here for another 4 hours, I’m taking this time to blog about my reunion with my dear friends, Amani and Rina.

I met A&R when we all joined The Company as scholars. This was 14 years ago. Man, I feel old.

First thing I noticed about A&R is how gorgeous they were. Me, on the other hand, didn’t know the first thing about make up or dressing up. As time went by, I learned that not only were these gals beautiful, they were funny, smart, kind, caring and CRAAAAZZZYYY!!

We spent 2 months together at ITM KL for our English course, except Rina had to cut the course early because she was selected to go to the US early. Amani and I became roommates and God bless her heart for bearing with me during my “Nirvana” days. Also for being there for me when I had my heart broken by my stupid crush on SA. OMG, how stupid was I then?

After the English course, we headed to Lumut for our OBS (Outward Bound School) course. Or what we all fondly recall as OUR TIME IN HELL. Blast you Rina for not having to go through this.

Amani, I can’t believe you actually miss our OBS days. Don’t you remember kayaking around Pangkor for 15 hours?? Fifteen!!! Having to run 5 km every morning! Having to do our business in the freaking woods! And having to eat uncooked canned meat for 10 days! God, even the sight of those cans make me sick.

Gal, you crazy. I said it before and I’ll say it again.

After OBS, Amani went to Canada while poor, old me stayed behind for my A-level course. We all tried to stay in touch as much as we could but I really missed our carefree days at ITM.

Years went by and we saw each other during special moments; when Amani got married, when I gave birth to Dania, whenever Rina came back to Malaysia for the holidays.

Last week, we all got together after not seeing each other in years. And blast those women, even after all these years, they still look gorgeous. We met up after work and Amani drove us all to MV. After much debating, we settled on Chillies as our destination for food.

We talked and updated each other about our lives. We reminisced about the good old days and laughed about how much we had all changed. We shared stories and secrets and reminded each other why we were each other’s kindred spirits.

Our time together was cut short by a phonecall from hubby who had gotten into an accident. Which I shall elaborate on in another post.

To my dear friends A&R, thanks so much for being there for me, throughout these years. Forgive me for all my shortcomings. I hope we meet again soon. Love you guys!!


Nur H said...

ada gambar x?? haven't seen Rina since orientation days. OBS - had fun but won't want to do it again. hope yr hubby's accident's not serious?

Along said...

Fizi: Alas, we were so bz catching up that I forgot to take any pictures. I'll try to get Rina to send one but she's currently jetsetting around the world.