Monday, June 20, 2005

Out Damn Tooth, OUT!!

Dina has started teething and so far it’s been a long and painful process. Today is Day 5. Overall, hubby and I have managed to function on a total of 15 hours sleep, collectively. It's amazing we can stand up straight.

With Dania, teething was no sweat. We hardly noticed when it happened; all of a sudden she was sporting four new teeth, 2 uppers and two downers.

With Dina, it’s been like hell. And to add on to that, she’s started to get extra clingy. Especially with me. She wants me to breastfeed her but she doesn’t want to suckle. 2, 3 times waking up at night is still bearable but after the 5th time I just wanna jump off a cliff. Hubby is trying to help all he can but most of the time he’s like If my breasts could produce milk, I would breastfeed her. But I can’t. It would take an Act of God. So please, just go breastfeed her coz she’s stopped crying softly and has now proceeded to start screaming.

Ah, the screaming. Or SHRIEKING is more like it. I don’t know when it started but it’s now become her preferred way of letting us know that ALL IS NOT WELL in her world and EVERYONE SUCKS, therefore I must scream at the top of my voice coz my teeth hurt and my ibu won’t breastfeed me anymore.

I’m hoping her mood will improve today and she’ll be able to sleep better tonight. Her suckers are out already, I can feel them. I breastfeed her, remember?!!


In other news:

1. I test drived the Toyota Innova. I don’t know why I do this; I talk, think and dream about MPVs then get all riled up coz I can’t afford them. Then I go plunge a stake in my own heart by reading the reviews or test driving them. It’s a sickness I tell you, a sickness.

2. I bought a new handphone. The E398 has restored my faith in Motorola as a mobile device manufacturer and diminished my obsession with Nokia. It rocks!!


Joe said...

Just go and get that innova lah. You've been bitching nak beli mpv for god knows how long. 100k for a Toyota MPV, it won't get any cheaper than that. Unless, you're seriously considering Naza Citra... hehehe..

marybishop said...

Teething can be so painful for some children...

poor little one....and poor Dina too! ;-)

Krissy said...

Charlie has been unusually grumpy lately. He's also been teething on and off for FOUR MONTHS and we have yet to see a tooth.

I hear you, sister. I hear you.

hazel said...

hehe.. we've been thru that stage b4 with Amir. he's not screaming, tp asik laa tak dapat nak tido -- merengek, merengek, merengek.. and till now, i can only see 2 teeth only. each time nak keluar, demam. ohh..