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Lilypie - Kids Birthday

Monday, June 13, 2005

It was Baddd, but Now It's Good

I’m ok now. A little sore but overall doing much better. I finally had to go for the operation; it was unavoidable. The antibiotics weren’t working and the painkillers were taking ½ hour to take effect and only seemed to work for 5 minutes after that. I was in pain and not just any pain. I couldn’t move, couldn’t talk, couldn’t breathe. I was crying in front of the kids which was confusing for them coz I kept telling them everything was ok with tears running down my face.

To all you single people out there; when looking for a mate, make sure he/she is willing to bathe you, clean you, dress you and carry you to the car when you’re in too much pain to move.
To all you married ones; are you sure you or your better half is willing to do the same?

Ps: Not forgetting to all those people who dropped by and posted get well comments on my previous post. Thank you for your kind wishes.

Pps: At least I got a lot of reading done while in the hospital. I’m on my 5th Narnia book now.


Joe said...

huk eleh.. no wonder le .. awat tak habaq awai2 sket, kot boleh divisit2 kan. tu la, tak bagitau #hp baru. aparaa..

nadya said...

laa...tatau pun along sakit...tgk along tader kat opis, along gi meeting ka,cuti2 m'sia sbb cuti skolah ka..

so,skarang dah oke nih?

Krissy said...

I hope you feel better! I'm sorry you had to have surgery.

Along said...

Joe: Was in the hospital satu malam je. Admitted in the morning, had the surgery at 3pm, checked out the next morning. My HP # is the same, just upgraded the sim card. Was offline for a week coz it took that long for Celcom to activate my new sim card...*grumble, grumble*

Nad: Cuti2 Malaysia? How I wish!! Yeah, now dah OK..

Krissy: Thanks. I'm doing much better now.

ibuVouge said...

cepat sembuh ye...
mak kan...sakit pun...still ckp ngan anak2'i'm ok!'

mumsgather said...

Ouch Along, You sound in great pain. Hope you're feeling better now.

marybishop said... sorry to hear of your is wonderful that your husband was so good and kind to you -- hope you get better real soon!

Along said...

Thanks everybody for stopping by and posting your comments. I'm feeling much better now. Just hoping I won't have to go thru that anymore.

*fingers crossed*

MB: Yeah, I always knew my hubby was special but that day he really proved it!! Thanks for stopping by.