Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Money Talks, Jackson Walks

Seriously! What is the world coming to? The news of Michael Jackson found not guilty of all charges including child molestation has me reeling inside. Why are some people just so darn stupid?!! OK, MAYBE he didn’t molest the children, or act out any sexual fantasies with them. That’s a BIG MAYBE. Just the fact that he admitted, HE ADMITTED (God, we have him saying it on tape!!), to sleeping with the children in the same bed, should have been enough for people to step back and think “GROWN MEN DON”T SLEEP WITH OTHER PEOPLE’S CHILDREN!!!”

So what if the mother of the victim seemed a little disturbed? If you found out your son or daughter might have been molested by someone, wouldn’t you have lost it a little?

Now there’s talk about how he wants to revive his career and go on tour. God Almighty, enough already. GO AWAY! Just...go back to your fairyland, neverland, whatever the hell you call your home and stay there. Just stay there and grow old, ok? Spend time with your own kids for a change. (The fact this fella HAS kids is another topic that makes my blood boil, but that’s another entry altogether).

Please, please Mr. Michael Jackson. Please go away. You’re creepy and disturbing. You sleep with little boys. There’s no two ways about it. It’s not right but because you’re a superstar and have lots of money, some people think its ok.

It’s not!!

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AzaLea said...

I really pity his kids la, to have a father like Jacko the Sicko Wacko.

shoppingmum said...

Ya, he's scary now. And his poor children who's faces being covered on a zoo trip, and bb who's being carried out of balcony, feel to sad for them.

Anonymous said...

He's no rich anymore. He's in debt of 164 million dollars !

marybishop said...

Any person in the world who treated their kids like he does as shoppingmum relates, or admitted to sleeping with young boys, would have been convicted...of at least child endangerment.

Makes me sick.