Thursday, March 24, 2005

Bad Dog vs Bad Owners

I hate dogs. Hate them with all my might. I hate them more than snakes, rats and transparent lizards. They are No. 1 on my Hate List

My hatred is not unfounded. When I was small, I was attacked by a dog. A BIG dog. Luckily for me I escaped with only minor scratches due to “lintang pukang” run-like-hell, fall-on-my-face, crawl-into-bushes experience. And believe me, it wasn’t my fault. I did nothing to agitate the dog; it just decided that a cute girl walking back home from school looked mighty delicious.

I was lucky; unfortunately for this boy, he wasn’t.

Poor boy. Sob..sob.. Posted by Hello

Poor boy. Can you imagine, minding your own business, going to the mosque with your cousins for prayers and suddenly four (yes, FOUR!!!) big dogs come and attack you. And these are not cute, small dogs like Benjy, ok. We’re talking BIG police dogs, ala Rottweilers and German Shepherds. One dog attacking you would be bad enough, can you imagine four at one go!!!

You can’t really blame the dogs; it is in the nature to be ferocious. The people that should pay for this are the owners. I've seen owners tie up their dogs on short leases and never let them out of the compound. Eh, if in the US, sure kena with the SPCA. Cruelty towards animals. What they don’t realize is that dogs need their daily walks, they are energetic animals. If you don’t give them an outlet for them to release their tension (dogs got tension, huh?), then they become gila (crazy). After a while, they get agitated. Then they become dangerous, the slightest thing can provoke them into attacking. Stupid owners!! If you are lazy to take the dogs out for their walks, then don’t get a dog in the first place. Get a cat, they laze around in the sun all day and only bug you when it’s time to eat.

If it were my child who had been attacked, I would have requested for the same thing to be done to the owners. Let them know the fear and helplessness one goes through when four dogs attack and bit you from every angle. A grown man would have pissed in his pants, what more a nine year old boy.

Call me disturbed or whatever but I would also call for the dogs to be terminated. If it were my child, bald and full of stitches, I would take a piece of wood and personally beat the dogs to death myself. Then only would I be able to live in peace again. Yes, it sounds brutal and my apologies to those who have dogs but I know...I KNOW, that dogs that bite once, tend to do it again..and again..and again. It’s not like you can discipline them. Give them a bone for everytime they get the paper. Blah....if they’ve gone all psycho and started viewing innocent children as play toys/pieces of meat, then they should be done with.

Saying “Bad dog!!” just doesn’t cut it anymore.


Krissy said...

You know, Along, I am a dog LOVER. I love dogs. I love the good doggie woggies. COME HERE YOU GOOD DOGGIE WOGGIE WHOS THE BESTEST DOGGIE EVER YES YOU IS!

Having said that, I think that the post you just posted could have been written by either a dog-lover or a dog-hater.

All four of those dogs, in the US, would be destroyed. You don't get a second chance when you're a dog that attacks. And of course I hate that because it's not the dog's fault, it's the irrisponsible, idiotic owner.

I have owned a dog and we made absolutely sure that he was so well trained that there was no possible way he would attack. Ever. We walked him, we loved him, we fed him and trained him, and he was a wonderful companion.

I've decided I want a Saint Bernard. Those dogs temperments are exactly what I want. They are big, but goofy and loveable. And while they generally are more than happy to please their owners in whatever way they can, all the rescue sites and all the breeder sites stress that if a 200lb dog wants to do something, he's going to do it.

That means training, training, training!! We are going to be paying plenty of money for many long top-notch clicker training sessions with constant updates. And I will never walk with my dog off the leash.

I have experienced the panic that goes with walking down the sidewalk with a child in a stroller and an un-leashed dog walking with their owner in the other direction.

I'm sure 99% of the time that owner has done their homework and trained the dog well, and/or the dog is a sweet sweet dog, but the other 1% of people out there are dangerous and will walk around with an unleashed animal they can't control. And as I'd very much like for my baby to escape the mauling you linked here, I get very angry at these people. And I tell them.

Dog lover or dog hater, the responsibility of a safe dog 100% relies with its owner. And the owner is responsible for making sure the dog is a safe companion and addition to the neighborhood.

Stories like that are just one more reason I hate people, as a general rule.

azrin said...

Kill them all!!!

Along said...

Krissy, I hope you don't take what I wrote as a personal insult. I don't hate people who have dogs; I hate irresponsible people with dogs. I have no problem with people having dogs, but on a personal comfort level, I would keep my distance at a 5km radius. It wouldn't matter if the dogs were big or small or had only 3 legs. I am THAT scared.

Just to add, it seems the dogs had attacked people before but complaints went unheard. Best of all, when people complained to the owner, he had the galls to say "My dogs don't bite people."

Yeah, right. They just chew them up and spit them out.

Krissy said...

I am so unoffended you could write a book about it. I think being nearly mauled to death as a child is a very, VERY, valid reason for disliking dogs. And I begrudge you none of it.

I'm the kind of person who loves dogs so much that I was bitten in the face by a friend's dog and it dimmed my dog love not one bit. But I can be stupid and single-minded like that, heh.

Seriously, I think that everything you said was spot on. I was completely unoffended and wanted to weigh in that if anyone were to think "well, she just doesn't like dogs" they'd be missing the point.

I believe in training, training, training (the professional kind), knowing what situations your animal is or is not comfortable in, and always, always walking on a leash.

The idea is that you can be a dog owner, but that doesn't mean the rest of the world has to accomodate your pooch. You have to ensure your pooch will fit in with the rest of the world.

If the person who owned the dog that attacked you as a kid had been responsible, you wouldn't have been attacked.

Many, many dog owners are assholes and it's important to be very careful.

I thought this was an excellent post and was completely unoffended.

5xmom said...

I posted something in someone's blog making fun to 'kill all dogs' and gues s what some other people posted? Why not kill all kids too? 'Cos they are as annoying. Gosh, I hate dogs and cats. I really feel bad for the poor boy whom has to go for dog parade. Gosh, poor boy is already scared and they put him through that? Geramnya with our authorities.

Anonymous said...

like the other guy said!! KILL ALL DOGS!