Tuesday, December 07, 2004

I Hate....

Noresh has written down the things she loves on her blog. I’ll do the opposite and list down the things I despise, fear and hate. I’m in the mood for complaining. :(

1. Dogs. I’ll elaborate more on this in another blog.
2. Public spitting. GROSS!!
3. People talking in cinemas. So rude!
4. People talking loud on their handphones. Show offs!
5. Transparent lizards. They just freak me out.
6. Rat’s tails. It’s the tail that does it for me. I can stand the nose, even the furry body. But the tail...long and wiggly...urgh!!!
7. Motorcyclists with no tail lights. Terasa nak langgar jer.
8. People who don’t close their mouths with their hands when they yawn. Do you really want to showcase tour tonsils..or in some cases, your leftover breakfast, lunch or dinner.
9. Boredom. *Sigh*
10. Dirty toilets. I always check the toilet when being in a hotel. 6 out of 10 times, I freak out.
11. MCP – male chauvinist pigs. I can recall a few but they shall remain nameless.
12. Corporate red tape.
13. Spam email. I do not..I repeat, do NOT need to enlarge my penis!! Nor do I need Viagra to enhance my sex life!!
14. Fighting with hubby. This just makes me sad and unable to function.
15. Dangdut music. Listening just kills my brain cells one by one.
16. Rap music..except for Eminen.
17. Petai, jering dan yang sewaktu dengannya.
18. The smell of the toilet when hubby has had petai or jering for lunch.
19. Kaki bodeks. Believe me, in my line of work, I’ve seen them all.
20. Being broke.
21. Stupid drivers.
22. Ashley Simpson. Really, what’s all the hype about? She’s not that pretty, she can’t really sing...but yet, she’s claiming to be the next IT girl in the music industry, and she has her own TV show (which I’ve never watched, mind you).
23. Ben Affleck. He’s awful. Matt Damon should know better than to associate himself with the devil.

Again, I could go on and on, but I’ll stop here for now. I’m getting too depressed.


Waaaaaa!!!! Our family outing to Bukit Merah this Christmas has been cancelled. Apparently Makteh can’t make it coz she has some stupid school thingy. One the bright side, I get to go to Niezan’s wedding and save some money. But still bummed out, was looking forward to having a holiday after 2 months in confinement.