Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Still in Raya mode

Friends came a –calling last weekend. Raya visitations and getting to know the baby. Nir and Amoi were suppose to come for lunch, but Nir being her usual blur self..bertolak from her house at 1pm, and reached my house at 3pm!! I was half starved when they got here. Ok, so it was raining heavily..but blame Nir for forgetting to bring my address and to ask for directions earlier. Konon tau sangar jalan.

Anyhow, it was grand seeing the 2 of them. Out of all of my friends from Sains Muar and the SOD group, these 2 are the ones I keep in touch most. Unfortunately, even that is once in a blue moon. You think with all the canggih technology we have around us, communicating and keeping in touch with friends would be much easier and faster. Huh…

Nir brought her two Kamals..hubby Mohd Kamal, and son Adam Kamal. Dania was thoroughly amused by Adam due to the fact he still spoke in German tougues.

“Ibu, Adam tu cakap apa tu? Kak Long tak paham.”

Please, my little girl. It wasn’t a few months back when you spoke that way. Now ever since she’s been speaking in full, understandable sentences, it’s been non-stop yik yakkating from her.

“Ibu, tau tak?”

“Tau apa?”

“Ibu, tau tak?!!!”

“Huh?..Ha’ah..ibu tau.”

“Yeah..Kak long pun tau!!”

After Nir and Amoi went back, Joe and Shu came by. Another Adam for Dania to play with…Adam Hariz. Being better acquainted with this Adam (why so many of my friends named their boys Adam?), Dania had a pleasant time playing.


Kak Long Dania is now 90% potty trained. Pampers on only at night now. Accidents do still happen, but jarang2 dah. Yeah, some money saved there…


Talking to Noresh using YM. Long time since I’ve heard from her. Big News…Hamdi’s getting married. Binawe punya budak tak habaq kat aku…cis!!


Getting sleepy. Sleep for now. Later.