Tuesday, December 28, 2004

A Wave of Destruction

Man loses five of his children during picnic outing.

52 people confirmed dead and numbers expected to rise.

More than 200 families in Penang are left homeless.

These were just some of the heart wrenching headlines in today’s newspaper. The Tsunami incident has left a trail of disaster after hitting the west coast shores of peninsular Malaysia last Sunday. People have lost family members, friends and loved ones. Many have lost their homes and livelihood. Let’s not forget those who perished in other countries around the world too; thousands in Sri Lanka, India, Thailand and Indonesia.

As I sit here in front of the computer, I can remember exactly where I was and what I was doing at that very moment. The family had gone up to Bukit Merah Laketown Resort for our year-end family outing. I was on the bed, breastfeeding Dina when I felt the bed shake.

Eh, apo benda lak ni yang goncang katil?

Watching the news later that day gave me my grim answer. I watched as the news reporters gathered information from the victims on what really happened that day. All basically said the same thing that it happened so quickly, there was absolutely no time to do anything.

Malaysia is a blessed country. One thing is, we’re safe from volcanoes, earthquakes, sand storms and blizzards. However, apparently we’re not safe from Tsunamis.

My prayers go out to all those who were affected by this disaster. Berat mata memandang, berat lagi bahu yang memikul.